Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair’s segment on WWE RAW this week brought a lot of attention for the wrong reason. Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that 1,500 fans left the building and went home during the Alexa’s Playground segment.

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Meltzer said on his radio show that, “They had about 8,000 in the building and people were leaving in droves during this segment. I heard 1,500 people left and it’s not like they left and went to the bathroom and came back. They left and went home at 10:00. People were going home at 10:00 and I had never heard that they did that during RAW and it was this segment.”

Ringside News reported on this story, and fans reacted on Twitter to say, “I was literally there last night. This didn’t happen.” Another fan also confirmed, “I was there too. He needs to check his sources. A few people left cuz it was late but not 1500. No where close.”


An additional fan in attendance sent us an email to our Tip Line and said, “People were going to the merch table and came back right after if anything, they had a place to order merch that was purchased online and they were filling orders every 5 minutes.”

Meltzer’s quote specifically mentioned how this was not an instance of people going to the merchandise table and coming back. It seems that people who were actually in that crowd saw things differently.

We have included reactions from fans who were in attendance at RAW this week along with Dave Meltzer’s quote in an audio post below from Ringside News’ official Instagram account.

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