AEW All Out will go down in pro wrestling history as one of the best shows in recent memory and the debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson can be attributed to that fact.

After the massive success of the pay-per-view, Chris Jericho declared that the game changed after the conclusion of AEW All Out. Before that, Jericho also predicted that AEW Dynamite would end up defeating Monday Night RAW in ratings within the next 4-6 months.

Jericho’s prediction came true as AEW Dynamite defeated Monday Night RAW in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic which gave them .53 rating. For many fans, AEW has finally become proper competition to WWE.

While speaking on The Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T talked about WWE possibly purchasing AEW the same way they purchased WCW back in the way. Booker T stated that he isn’t someone who wants other pro wrestling companies to fail and simply wants promotions to succeed.


“Hey man, never say never. I’m not saying that could ever happen or wouldn’t happen, but I’m not going to say it is going to happen. You might be waiting a long time. The WCW guys were waiting 12 years for Vince McMahon to buy WCW. He finally did, but it was a long battle, a long war, a lot of bodies and casualties of war. When he did buy it, there were even more casualties, guys never wrestled in the business from a big time perspective ever again after WCW doors closed down.

“Me personally, I’m not one of these guys that’s going to be talking about, ‘man, I wish these guys would go out of business or anything like that,’ because every guy that has a job in this business is a good thing. One thing about WWE, they cannot supply every wrestler out there that wants to do this. For me, it’s all about guys being able to live out that dream, doing one percent at the highest level and being able to look back on their legacy.

“And hopefully you fans got to win more than anybody because you got to see two awesome companies at the same time just like it was back in the day. WCW, WWE, it was two awesome wrestling companies that you guys got to see. Even though we made it a war– and the only reason it was a war was because it was that damn good. Just enjoy the ride.”

It is unknown whether WWE will ever end up purchasing AEW somewhere down the line. For the time being, AEW has all the momentum in the world and it remains to be seen how they will continue to capitalize on it.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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