Frankie Monet is one of the more up-and-coming NXT superstars in WWE. While many know her to be the wife of WWE RAW superstar John Morrison, she recently expressed that she wants to make her own name in the brand.

Monet told Fightful about her new name, and how it’s part of a larger plan according to her. Monet has always liked the idea of having a name that is gender neutral. She also wanted to spell her name in a different way than “Franky,” which definitely does the job of making it gender neutral.

The NXT superstar also revealed that her addition to NXT is a great move, but it comes with a lot of readjustments. While there were talks of her debut on the main roster alongside Morrison, it’s not something she prefers. It’s her choice to forge her own identity.

Monet joined NXT in late May, and she was excited for the new chapter of her life. She’s been appearing in NXT more and more, and her own identity is certainly to be forged, just like she intends.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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