Mojo Rawley is one of the free agents who formerly worked for WWE. Now that the former WWE superstar has started going by Mojo Muhtadi, he knows much about what’s going on in other wrestling promotions.

The former Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal revealed in his Wrestling Inc. exclusive interview that he’s soon to get back into the ring after a short while. He also talked about what he thinks of AEW.

I love what they’re doing over there. I think it’s amazing for the industry in general. You need competition to make you better. You need a competitor stepping up like AEW so the guys over at WWE kind of feel the fire up under them and they escalate their game.

Muhtadi revealed that he really likes what they’re doing at AEW. While he recognized that there are other ventures such as NJPW, IMPACT & Ring Of Honor, there is finally another player in the business which can size up to WWE.


Now, probably my favorite thing about it is now you got another viable business out there for guys to go to. Of course you have New Japan and Impact and Ring of Honor and all, but [AEW] is another big player in the game for people to go to, for people to aspire to go to. And they’re doing things differently.

Mojo Muhtadi provided former and on-roster WWE superstars with his managerial company. He revealed that the WWE was really excited for his career when the ex-NFL player began.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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