Vince McMahon knows what he wants to see on WWE television and he dictates that every week. AEW is doing their own thing and it seems they are finding a lot of success. Jon Moxley spent enough time around McMahon to know what he likes.

While speaking to Cincy 360 with Tony Pike, Jon Moxley revealed how he believes Vince McMahon would view the product. The Chairman would likely say it’s “garbage,” but ignore all of the happy fans in the process.

“Vince McMahon would watch a lot of AEW matches and just say, ‘Oh, that’s garbage! They’re not selling, slow it down this crap. Blood and guts!’ But he wouldn’t be paying attention to the 15,000 people going nuts and out of their mind. So I feel a little bit vindicated, because I said a lot about what wrestling should be, and that’s what AEW was going to do. And that’s what we did. Now look where we are? So I’m kind of like, I’m going to have a little bit of a flex and a little bit of an ‘I told you so’ moment.”

It’s unknown if Vince McMahon has ever watched a second of AEW programming. He historically only watches pro wrestling that his company produces. We’ll have to see if ever confirms or denies taking in a big AEW moment, but it’s hard to imagine he’s not aware of who showed up at All Out.


As Ringside News exclusively reported, AEW booking in reaction to every facet of entertainment competition, and not just AEW. They keep their blinders on and are going to press forward.

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