The New Day & The Undertaker have starred in a Netflix interactive film together. The movie is called “Escape The Undertaker,” and it is very much what the name suggests. It is based around The New Day being trapped in a mansion with The Undertaker.

The movie’s plot is that The New Day is caught unaware of The Undertaker’s mansion being haunted. They have to make choices in order to cross supernatural challenges. It is upon the viewer to choose through what would they do.

The Undertaker took to Twitter in order to announce the film. He retweeted a tweet by Polygon which talked about the upcoming movies and specials that Netflix will reveal on Halloween.

Be careful whose door you knock on… never know who is on the other side!


The Undertaker was supposed to return to WWE SmackDown, but apparently it is not happening. Kurt Angle recently talk about being afraid of The Undertaker while working with him. Randy Orton recently talked about The Undertaker is one of the biggest pro-wrestlers of all time.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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