Tommaso Ciampa is one of the very few NXT superstars who isn’t opposed to the NXT rebranding. While he expressed that it’s impossible to keep the WWE roster creatively satisfied, it seems he’s made peace with it.

The NXT superstar recently appeared on Busted Open Radio. When it was asked of him about the most important things to him, he said that it’s health and schedule, which keep him going strong.

Trying to stay healthy is big, and the schedule is big. As you guys know, the last couple of years have been so unpredictable for the world, and how that’s affected our small bubble of wrestling. With first, losing crowds and losing travel. It’s all stuff that you really couldn’t prepare for, and it’s forced everybody from the performers all the way up.

Ciampa also talked about the upcoming rebranding of NXT. While Nick Khan himself announced that the changes are coming, he seems to chalk them up to minor changes. He emphasized that his place in the roster isn’t going anywhere, and that’s what matters.


There’s always noise in wrestling. That’s all I can chalk it up to for now. I’ll be the first to admit I got caught up in it a lot five, six, seven years ago, whatever it may be. I was reading the internet and keeping up on it and stuff. I’ve tended to pull back a lot from that, especially in the last few years since having a daughter. I just realized how little it affects my life. It’s rumblings, it’s rumors. I did see the logo and I don’t know. Cool? I’m not very picky. Whatever, it’s fine with me.

Tommaso Ciampa recently stated that he would rather stick with NXT than transition off to the main roster. However, he has expressed interest in feuding with Roman Reigns or Edge. He recently revealed his shocking fitness transformation.

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