Jeff Jarrett had been a crucial part of WWE for quite a while. He often has views on the treatment of WWE superstars and in his last few months with the company, talked a lot about creative issues with WWE.

Jarrett talked about an odd incident that occurred on SummerSlam, 1999. Speaking on the My World Podcast, Jarrett revealed that Vince McMahon screamed at him while he gave WWE commentary on the biggest WWE PPV.

One time he was screaming in my ear so loud I could not hear myself think, and I literally froze and didn’t say anything. I could hear him say, ‘Are you just going to sit there and say nothing?’ It’s not easy, but yes, he’s in your ear. I don’t remember specifically who was there, who wasn’t there on this show. But yeah, that was a rough go of it.

He added that things are done much differently in TNA. If the talent is taking their time rehearsing, they’re given suggestions. It’s an environment of giving the talents their space to think.


I want the talent to feel comfortable, not so much Mike and Don. I want the talent to say this is when I’m going to join the dance and this is when I’m going to lay out because nothing worse than announcers talking over the top of each other. It just doesn’t work. JR and The King, they knew when one was zigging, the other was zagging. If they did, it felt organic. There’s an art to doing it well.

Jarrett recently got released by WWE, though he still is part of it through unique deal. He celebrated his huge milestone in the world of pro-wrestling earlier this year.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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