Sami Zayn made his return to SmackDown on the August 27th show. In backstage victory after his victory, Zayn mentioned he was not allowed to say where he had been. Zayn has offered more explanation for his comment, but he still can’t say much.

Zayn is in the middle of his well-received conspiracy victim story. Zayn has constantly labeled himself as a victim of WWE conspiring against him. Zayn appeared of WWE’s The Bump to continue the story line.

Zayn said that he could not discuss his recent WWE absence for “legal reasons”. Zayn said he had to be careful with what he said, but ensures that the reason for his absence will be revealed later.

Uh, there are certain legal reasons why I can’t get too into it. But anybody who’s followed the last year can connect the dots the last year of my career, I have to be very delicate with my choice of words for legal reasons, but certain, let’s say plots , perhaps against me. Again, I’m just tiptoeing here. I shouldn’t even be talking about it. You will find out in due time what I’ve been up to.”


With Zayn’s conspiracy story line continues to be hot with the fans, the “legal reasons” Zayn mentioned are an intriguing new element. Fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of the story and speculate what will come from Zayn’s unexplained absence.

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Jack Waynick

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