It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • We Hear From CM Punk
  • Eight-Man Tag Team Match: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers vs. Lucha Brothers and Jurassic Express
  • Tag Team Match: FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. Santana and Ortiz
  • Brian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook)
  • Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans (w/Matt Hardy)
  • Penelope Ford vs. Tay Conti
  • Jim Ross in-ring interview with Chris Jericho
  • Tony Schiavone sits down with MJF

We are live in Chicago and commentary runs down tonight’s card. First up is FTR vs. Santana and Ortiz! FTR are the first team out for this match, they walk out backwards showing off their new GTTOAT jackets. Santana and Ortiz are next out, both wearing white face paint.

Tag Team Match: FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. Santana and Ortiz


FTR are wearing Booby Eaton inspired trunks, Dax locks up with Santana, evenly matched. Another lock up, Dax gets a headlock, shoulder tackle, Santana gets right back up, chops back and forth, shoulder tackle, both men fight on the ropes, Cash and Ortiz run in and the match breaks down, FTR are thrown out of the ring, Suicide Dives from Santana and Ortiz!

FTR thrown into the barricade, running dropkick from Ortiz, Santana with a running senton. Ortiz gets an armbar, Dax hits a body slam, Cash gets a blind tag, Ortiz thrown into the ring post. Ortiz thrown into the ring post again. Cash with a low dropkick, cover, 1 count. Dax stomps on the arm, armbar, Cash remove the turnbuckle pad, Dax works on the arm on the exposed turnbuckle.

Ortiz with a high boot, Cash blocks the tag, Ortiz hits a hard lariat. Santana tags in, runs wild on FTR, Suplex/DDT combo, 3 amigos! The crowd goes wild, Santana hits a frog splash, 2 count! Double back suplex, assisted cutter, German suplex, 2 count as Cash breaks the count. Ortiz gets a rollup, kick out at 2, Cash hits an uppercut, FTR get a 2 count! “This Is Awesome!” Chants, Santana gets a roll up, 2 count, double suplex, 2 count. Dax knocks Santana off the top rope, Cash with a Gory Special, 2 count!

Dax hits a superplex, Cash misses a splash, Ortiz hits an enziguri, FTR hit the Big Rig, Santana breaks the pinfall! Ortiz gets ae tag, hits the cutter, codebreaker, double suplex, superkick, double suplex, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Santana & Ortiz!

Daniel Garcia warns Darby not to look past Garcia, they are excited that they will take the biggest match in AEW history off the card when they beat Darby on Rampage!

Up next, CM Punk!

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Cult of Personality hits and the “Best in the World” makes his entrance! Huge “CM Punk!” Chants. Punk asks if they are sick of him yet? This is feels to good to be true. Says some people are gettig tired of it but he isnt one of them so he will enjoy it while it lasts. On Sunday this could all end for him. He hasnt wrestled in 7 years, he’s nervous. “You Still Got It!” chants, Punk promises that every time he laces his boots, Garcia and 2.0 run down and attack Punk! 3 on 1 assault on Punk. They attack the knee.

DArby’s music hits and Sting and Darby runs down, they brawl with 2.90 on the ramp, Punk has recovers and hits shots in the corner. Punk, Sting and Darby hit the GTS, Scorpion Death Drop and the Coffin Drop, respectively! Punk and Darby go face to face. “CM Punk!” Chants… Sting gets a mic, Punk throws Garcia out of the ring. Sting says he always wanted to share a ring with Punk. Mucho respect…

Sting says their paths never crossed, speaking of now it felt good to watch GTS, it felt good to see a Coffin Drop and it felt good to Stinger Death Drop again. Sting says he wont be at ringside. At All Out when Punk and Darby collide, it will be showtime.

Video package for Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage. Up next, MJF sits down with Tony Schiavone.

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Tony Schiavone was backstage with MJF earlier today. Tony calls him despicable. MJF rolls through Jericho’s nicknames, says Jericho has been evolving for 40 years, he will be forever etched in wrestling history but MJF will take his place. Ali was once considered the greatest boxer of all time but he just kept coming back and losing. Jericho is Ali, he is on a downward spiral. Jericho is an addict, he needs the spotlight, that’s why he put his career on the line and he will have the honour and privilege of ending that career.

Orange Cassidy makes his entrance. Kris Statlander and the Best Friends accompany him to the stage before leaving. Matt Hardy attacks Orange Cassidy and the referee throws him out.

Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans (w/Matt Hardy)

Evans attacks right on the bell, high kick, back elbow, snap suplex, strikes on the mat. High knees to Cassidy, Cassidy dodges a back elbow in the corner, hits a tornado DDT, 2 count. Cassidy hits a suicide dive, crossbody, 2 count. Cassidy hits a Michinoku Driver, 2 count. Cassidy does the lazy kicks, they trade standing switches. Evans gets shots in the corner, Picture in picture.

Cassidy with right hands to the ribs, Evans hits a spider German suplex. Evans hits Sky Twister kick, 2 count! Evans with a delayed vertical suplex, penalty kick! Cassidy gets an inside cradle for the victory!

WINNER: Orange Cassidy!

Back from break, there’s a recap of Cassidy’s victory. Hardy runs down, he attacks Orange. Best Friends runs down and make the save, The HFO also runs down and attack the Best Friends. Jungle Boy runs down and makes the save! Jurassic Express clear the ring as HFO scatter.

Eddie Kingston video package, he will face Miro for the TNT Championship.

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Jon Moxley video package. Kojima was the only one brave enough to answer his challenge.

JR is in the ring. This is his first in ring interview since joining AEW. He introduces Chris Jericho. Judas plays to bring out the Demo God. Jericho says welcome to Chicago is Jericho! 22 years ago he started his main event journey in Chicago. JR recruited him to start that journey. JR asks why he put his career on the line. Jericho says MJF is a piece of shit, but he is calculating, viscous, confident, arrogant, and so is he. The only thing he has over him is 3 victories. He had to put it all on the line to beat him, when he first came to AEW, there was no guarantee, but here we are on the 100th episode as the hottest company today.

He could stay and be complacent but he would know he couldn’t beat MJF. He doesn’t want it to be the end, he wants more, he doesn’t want to stop. If something goes wrong on Sunday, then so be it. He will walk to that commentary desk and thank you all for making his dreams come true. Before that happens, MJF will not take this away from him, if he wants to take Jericho out of the ring, he will have to be the best he ahs ever been, But that wont happen because he is Chris Jericho. MJF doesn’t have the balls to get rid of him. “See you on Sunday you little Prick.”

Video package for CM Punk vs. Darby Allin.

Powerhouse Hobbs make his entrance accompanied by Hook. Brain Cage attacks him from behind! they brawl at ringside. Hobbs thrown into the barricade.

Brian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook)

Hobbs gets an elbow on Cage, hammering blows to Cage. Hobbs with a body shot. Picture in picture. Cage beats down on Hobbs, Hobbs gets a big lariat. Knees to the chest, headlock, clubbing blows to Cage. Hobbs chokes Cage on the ropes, Hobbs with a kick to the midsection, shoulder tackles in the corner, Cage hits a flatliner. Cage and Hobbs with strikes back and forth, Cage hits an exploder suplex.

Cage with a suplex, 2 count. Hobbs with a spinebuster, 2 count. Cage hits a high knee and then hits the Deep Sea Diverticulitis… Cage hits a superplex, Hook distracts the ref, Starks hits Cage with the FTW title, Hobbs hits a powerslam and gets the victory!

WINNER: Powerhouse Hobbs!

Malakai Black video package. He will make Lee Johnson suffer.

QT Marshall is in the ring with the Factory. Invites Paul Wight to the ring. Wight comes down and enters the ring. The Factory attacks Wight, Wight pushes them all off and hits the WMD, chokeslam, Solo is swatted out of the air. The Gunn CLub run down to help out… Wight doesn’t really need them. Billy Gunn hits QT with a right hand. “QT Sucks!” chants.

Billy Gunn hits Wight with a chair from behind! QT looks shocked… Gunn hits Wight with a chair to the head. The Gunn Club walk right past QT, the Factory pick the bones and attack Paul Wight. QT hits a cutter. QT celebrate over Wight’s body.

Commercial Break.

Britt Baker announces Rebel and Hayter will enter the Casino Battle Royale. Baker announces she has signed a new deal with AEW. Hayter and Rebl will face Statlander on Rampage in a handicap match.

Penelope Ford makes her entrance with the Bunny. Tay Conti is out next. Conti with a cross body to both women!

Penelope Ford vs. Tay Conti

Conti with hip tosses, wrist lock, high knees, chops to the chest, back breaker, 2 count. knee drop, pump kick from Conti, 2 count. Conti with a high boot, ford knocks her off the top rope. Picture in picture. Ford chokes Conti in the ropes. Slingshot into the top ropes, dropkicks Conti out of the ring. Knee drop on the apron, 2 count.

Ford with a snapmare, knee to the back, surfboard submission. Conti hits chops, Ford misses an elbow in the corner, Conti misses a pump kick, Ford misses a high boot, Conti hits an elbow, crossbody! Conti hits a clothesline, black hole slam, 2 count! ford throws Conti into the ropes, into a single crab, into an Indian Death lock, Conti gets a calf slicer, Ford gets to the ropes. Conti hits a pump kick, and a second, a third! Ford hits a gut buster! 1, 2, kick out!

Conti with an inside cradle, 2 count. Bunny distracts Conti, Conti throws ford into her, gets a roll up on Ford and gets the victory!

WINNER: Tay Conti!

Ford and Bunny attack Conti from behind! Anna Jay comes down to make the save! Anna Jay return and clears the ring. Conti and Jay hug in the ring.

Thunder Rosa interviewed backstage, Vickie, Carghill and Nyla Rosa interrupt and try to intimidate her. Rosa says she will go down swinging and attacks them all. Rose, Carghill beat her down. Mark Sterling says it makes sense to save the beat down until All Out.

Commentary runs down the Rampage, Dynamite and All Out cards. Video package for Chris Jericho vs. MJF.

Commercial Break.

Jurassic Express make their entrance for our main event. Their partners the Lucha Brothers are out next. The Elite are out next, the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers, accompanied by Don Callis and Brandon Cutler.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers vs. Lucha Brothers and Jurassic Express

Luchasaurus and Gallows start, big right hands back and forth, Gallows with clubbing blows in the corner. Luchasaurus turns it around and hits a delayed suplex. Nick Jackson tags in, Fenix tags in, they both misses many strikes, quadruple superkicks, the match breaks down. Matt Jackson and Penta tags in, Jungle Boy trips Matt. Picture in picture.

The Bucks powerbomb Jungle Boy on the apron. Nick beats down on Jungle Boy, Gallows tags in, elbows, headlock. Nick Jackson mocks Macho Man, the Bucks try to knock Luchasaurus off the apron. Jungle Boy fights out of the corner, big clothesline to Anderson, superkick to Gallows, tags in Fenix. Fenix with kicks, chops, knees, big armdrag takedown on Nick Jackson. Penta tags in, Fenix with a DVD, Penta with a double stomp, 2 count.

Nick with a double take down on the Lucha brothers. Nick and Penta with a superkick to each other. Luchasaurus with a German suplex to Anderson. Takes Gallows out of the ring, chokeslams Nick onto the Elite on the outside, Jungle Boy dives to the outside off the back of Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus with a chokeslam and standing moonsault to Anderson, 2 count.

Cutler sprays Fenix in the yes, Magic Killer from the Good Brothers, Luchasaurus breaks the count. Bucks miss the BTE Trigger, Fenix with a double cutter. Bucks catch a crossbody from Fenix and hit the Meltzer Driver for the victory!

WINNER: The Good Brothers & the Young Bucks!

Kenny Omega comes down to celebrate with the Elite. Omega laughs stomps on Fenix, calls them annoying. Good Brothers hit a Magic Killer through a table on Luchasaurus. Omega shouts at Jungle Boy before Christian Cage runs down ans attacks the Elite. the number game gets the better of him as the Elite beat him down.

Omega says he had a great meeting with Tony Khan today, Callis has the keys to the Cage control room, the Cage suddenly starts descending from the roof. Omega attacks Cage with a kendo stick. Kaz and Dante Martin runs down and try to scale the cage. the Elite beat everybody down and knock them off the sides.

The Elite beat down Christian, BTE Trigger! The beat down continues and they cuff Christian to the cage as Dynamite goes of the air.

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