Roman Reigns’ reinvention as a character was a long time coming. His current Tribal Chief gimmick has been his best run so far for many fans as they simply can’t get enough of his attitude. Even then, Big E still feels Roman Reigns doesn’t get enough credit. 

Roman Reigns was unbearable to watch for many fans when he was a babyface and fans and pro wrestlers alike agreed with this notion. This is despite the fact that Reigns faced the top Superstars in the company and was involved in some great matches.

Many fans would agree that Roman Reigns’ stock increased exponentially thanks to having Paul Heyman by his side and Roman Reigns agrees with that fact as he considers Heyman great weapon in his arsenal.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart discussed Vince McMahon’s thought process when it comes to searching for a top star.


“Vince McMahon years and years and years ago in Poughkeepsie, New York said to me, ‘Jimmy, I’m looking for my next big attraction. Someone that can walk through any airport in the world, and even a casual wrestling fan will recognize him. He specifically wanted a casual to recognize him, one that rarely watches TV. ‘Then, I can take him on the Today Show, the Tonight Show, and they can hold their own with a host about anything the host wants to talk about and not embarrass the company. Then, I can take him and give him about a three or four months’ push on TV and they can make me a million dollars worth of merchandise

Hart then mentioned pro wrestlers over the years who he believes had ‘it’, as he named the likes of HUlk Hogan, John Cena and more. When Wohl mentioned Roman Reigns as someone who could be next, Jimmy Hart wholeheartedly agreed.

“Hulk (Hogan) had it. Rock had it. Stone Cold had it. John Cena had it. Who do you see has it now?

“I think you got a home run right there.

Roman Reigns’ current run as the WWE Universal Champion already crossed 365 days and it remains to be seen whether Reigns will go down in history as one of the greats on the level of Hulk Hogan and John Cena.

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