Mickie James was released from WWE and she wasn’t soft-spoken about things this time around. After receiving trash bag care package from the company, she followed that up with several posts to reveal her true feelings about how the company is handling things right now.

WWE President Nick Khan recently took part in an interview where he addressed the recent wave of WWE firings. Khan stated that he would rather take the blame for when things go bad and hand off credit when things work. That is his job as President, and this was a rare interview for Ariel Helwani.

Mickie James apparently didn’t know what Nick Khan looked like until she saw that interview. She then sent out a tweet that dragged Khan for looking like a member of the Sopranos cast.

Oh… really?! This is him? This is the guy? Wow! Interesting. Well I think we feel all much better now. Also. Hey buddy, The Sopranos called. They want Big Pussy back. Does that move your needle? No?! Ok coolcoolcool


Mickie James already landed in the NWA where she is doing lot of work for the company. We’ll have to see what she is able to do next, but furthering women’s wrestling is still a big priority for her. As for Nick Khan, he will continue his work with WWE where they obviously appreciate his efforts in trimming the company’s bottom line.

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