Samoa Joe has been an impactful part of WWE NXT in backstage capacity. The 42-year old superstar consistently maintained his influence. He makes sure everyone knows what he thinks of them, including Karrion Kross in his single’s run at Monday Night RAW.

Joe’s dedication has led him to have a great image with the management. Triple H sang praises of Joe when he engaged in a media-call. He explained exactly what is Joe’s role as part of NXT backstage.

Joe brings something to the table that is different. But Joe is one of those guys that, through my career as I’ve been around people, there are certain people I look at, I think that ‘man he’d be really good at this. He has the right mindset for it.’ He and I would always talk, I didn’t know him before he came to WWE, but when he came in to NXT we’d talk a lot through the day. And I would, man he’s just a business savvy guy.

The Game appreciates Joe because of his big-picture thinking. He said that Joe is not simple-minded, and always thinks about a promising talent having a larger role. He also said that Joe is the kind of person who can find a place for himself anywhere in the company.


He thinks about things in a different way, long term business, he’s not small minded. It’s not just in ring, he’s not just looking at ‘wow, that’s good technician.’ He has a different sense of larger picture thinking and I said ‘man when he’s done here, there’s a role for him doing something much bigger.’ I’ve had that conversation with a lot of people in the company to say there’s only a few people I’ve ever really said ‘oh that guy, this person, could do anything in this company because of the way they think of the business.’ And he’s one of them.

Triple H went on to explain that when everyone was talking about Joe going off-the-ring, he simply took Joe under his wing. They had a long-term conversation about it and the rest is history.

What is he? He’s a little bit of everything but he’s sort of like a Regal where he can sit here and I can have a conversation with him after. And he’s talking about everything that people are bringing to the table with this. Not ‘do I think they’re technically sound?’ not whatever. We can talk about every aspect of it and what works and what doesn’t, what needs to happen. We send him places, he can represent, all those things. That’s where he works. We’re thrilled to have him.

Joe’s run in the NXT is reflective of all those things. He stated that he hopes for NXT to keep on changing and evolving. Joe is also itching to fight AJ Styles in NXT. At some point, he wishes to get back into both the ring and commentating.

Nitish Vashishtha

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