Samoa Joe found place for himself at WWE NXT after WWE released him from his contract months ago. Not only is Joe wrestling for the brand now, but he will be keeping keen eye on new talent in the scouting department. Needless to say, he is well aware of what is going on throughout WWE.

The 42-year old veteran of pro wrestling talked to Wrestling Inc recently. After Joe was asked about whether he’s been keeping tabs on the booking Karrion Kross has been receiving on RAW, he had quite a lot to say.

Of course, why wouldn’t I? It’s on Monday night, in the comfort of my home, why wouldn’t I? I always keep track of stuff and obviously he was having some troubles and some cracks in the armor. I’m going to exploit those on Sunday and have a new NXT Champion. It all works out very well for me, I’ve kept the breast of it, he’s doing terrible [on RAW].

Karrion Kross was practically an unstoppable force in NXT, but his treatment on the main roster has not been in the same vein. Kross lost his debut match against Jeff Hardy. Fans were not pleased with this booking.


Kross has suffered two losses with three wins since his run on Raw started. As Joe and Kross battle it out in NXT TakeOver: 36 this Sunday, the Samoan Submission Machine is naturally trying to provoke the NXT Champion beforehand.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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