WWE President Nick Khan made headlines when he said that WWE is “open for business on anything and everything.” Many took that to mean Vince McMahon’s company is open to talks about selling the company.

Nick Khan said, during a podcast interview, that “We’re open for business on anything and everything. Even some of the business plans that we’ve announced recently are different and unique to what the company has traditionally done. We’re open for business. If somebody called, we’ll listen, but we’re not active or out on the marketplace trying to change that structure.”

While speaking with Ariel Helwani, Khan cleared things up. He really mean that they are open to selling anything, including NFTs and other international rights. The company is in no position to go on the selling block at all.

“When I say we’re ‘open for business,’ that means if someone credible calls on anything, NFT, trading cards, international rights; we take the call. We’re inherently salespeople. We’re not like, ‘We don’t want to talk to this company because they think they’re X.’ If you call and want to pitch us something and you’re a credible company, we’re going to hear the pitch. We’re an entrepreneurial company that Vince and others built over the last 35 years or so and we always want to stay fresh and entrepreneurial in our minds. When I say ‘open for business,’ if someone calls and are credible and asking, ‘Are you guys for sale?’ What is your offer? What are you thinking? We’re not trying to sell it.”


“That’s not our intent. There are no internal meetings about selling this company. The internal meeting is about growing it and the ability that we think we collectively have to tremendously grow what the value of the company is now. People call all the time about all different things, but we’re not in any active conversations about (selling).

This should clear the air and stop some of the rumors going around about WWE preparing for a sale. All of those releases and firings certainly help trim the bottom line. It turns out that WWE isn’t preparing for a sale, they’re just reducing all of those “redundancies” around the company, something that Nick Khan can apparently do without.

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Felix Upton

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