Seth Rollins’s time in promotions such as Ring Of Honor certainly helped him hone his craft before making his way to WWE. Shoot promos are commonplace in pro wrestling and WWE has seen its fair share of those as well. In fact, Rollins says he doesn’t even do scripted promos anymore. He is also quite used to shady fans.

Seth Rollins significantly improved his skills on the microphone and established himself to be able to work without scripted promos. This has made him a much more versatile character in the company.

While speaking to the Sports Media podcast, Seth Rollins was asked how comfortable he is with shoot promos in WWE. Rollins stated that personal jabs are simply part of the pro wrestling business and that wrestlers with think skin are definitely in the wrong business.

“Everybody is different in that regard. They are all going to…the line is drawn in different places for each person. Cena, for example, when I’ve done promos with him, he always told me, ‘I don’t care what you say when we’re out there. Anything in front of the camera, I don’t care, I don’t take it personal.’ He’s a guy who will let it all fly. It’s work, not personal. Sometimes, other guys aren’t like that and they are very protective about certain parts of their lives and they don’t want that in the public and you have to respect that. The mileage varies from person to person. Most of us have been in the game long enough, especially when you get to the level of John and Roman where their promos break that wall, they’ve been in the game long enough where everyone sort of knows it’s business. There are going to be personal jabs in there, but if you can’t take that and your skin isn’t thick enough, you’re probably in the wrong business. It’s all about conflict, conflict is what sells. That twist of real life can be the difference between a ‘rasslin’ story and a real story people get invested in, especially now when the curtain is pulled back so deep.”


Vince McMahon was also said to have loved how far John Cena and Roman Reigns took their segment on Friday Night Smackdown, which featured personal jabs from both WWE Superstars. Shoot promos will continue to be an effective tool to tell a story and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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h/t to Fightful for the quotes.

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