Bo Dallas is one of the most hardworking former WWE superstars in recent memory. During his time with WWE, it seems like he was underappreciated by them. He worked backstage and was used for WrestleMania test match as well. Then Dallas was released from WWE earlier this year.

Dallas appeared on the Highspots Wrestling Network virtual signing event, where he talked about many things such as being passionate for wrestling and fighting matches with a broken neck.

Something that a lot of people don’t know is I broke my neck two years ago. The last time I was on television on SmackDown, I think it was a segment involving — it was a B-Team segment involving Braun Strowman.

The former WWE superstar’s neck was actually broken. Instead of making the decision to heal his neck correctly and risk getting put out of commission, Dallas chose to wrestle with the injury anyway.


I had a broken neck in that segment and I got time off after that to either re-break my neck and wear this whole construction thing so they would have to take me out for over a year or my neck had already started to heal incorrectly but it started to heal and I had the opportunity to rebuild the muscles around there and strengthen those so I did that and for nine months, I did that and got to 100 percent or what I felt like was 100 percent and as that happened, COVID hit and so like, I was hurt a year before COVID hit and then the chaos that-that created coming back.

Dallas also stated that he is at the best shape of his life currently. The wrestler said that he is ready for the next thing which happens to him, and that he is willing to comeback to the world of pro-wrestling.

I’m in the best shape of my life and I have been for the past year, ready and willing to come back and do what I want to do and that just didn’t work out in WWE because it’s not what I wanted to do and whatever is happening next, that’s gonna be what I wanna do.

Prior to his WWE release, Bo Dallas received a lot of attention from WWE stars who wanted his talent utilized. While Sami Zayn stood for Dallas getting more attention, there were rumors surrounding Dallas’ potential involvement in Bray Wyatt angle.

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