WWE has a lot of fans guessing, especially on the road to WrestleMania. This can lead to some crazy rumors flying around.

We have been seeing rumors swirling that the current burned version of The Fiend is not portrayed by Bray Wyatt. The rumor is that WWE placed Bo Dallas in the burned Fiend suit and he will be revealed at WrestleMania. Several of our awesome readers have written in to ask about this rumor.

Ringside News asked around about this rumor and we can confirm that it is 100% false. Bo Dallas is not in The Fiend suit.

Bo Dallas is preparing for life after WWE. He told the WWE Universe that he was going on life-changing expedition in December 2019, and we haven’t seen him since. As Ringside News exclusively reported, Bo Dallas has been backstage in recent memory, but he hasn’t appeared.


Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas are a couple and have a farm together. They are also starting their own family real estate business. Bo Dallas could make a return to WWE as long as he’s under contract, but he’s not the man in The Fiend suit.

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H Jenkins

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