WWE puts a lot of thought into the names that they give Superstars. Some names are really catchy, but others take some time to grow on a performer. It turns out that Triple H didn’t really like Heavy Machinery’s name despite giving them a push and a good chunk of time on NXT television.

The former WWE Superstar went on the “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast for a discussion. Along with giving an update about his current health status, Tucker, now Levi Cooper, went into more of his experiences in NXT.

Levi Cooper discussed how Heavy Machinery got their name, and who was a fan of it. Triple H was actually on huge detractor of that name. So many enjoyed the Heavy Machinery pun, but Triple H wasn’t a fan at all.

Everybody loved the name Heavy Machinery except Triple H. From what I understand, he was not a fan of that name. He thought it was too gimmicky, I guess. I guess thinking like fat men in construction hats, but we explained that we are Heavy Machinery. It’s not a gimmick. I wanted to be called Tank and he wanted to be called Dozer, Tank and Dozer, Heavy Machinery. That was our initial pitch, but we were told that ‘We can’t get those names. We’re not going to be able to register those names, so we can’t do it.’ To me, that would have been awesome. Tank and Dozer, Heavy Machinery, you get it. This dude’s a tank, that dude’s a dozer. They smash everyone. This is what they do. They run through people. To me, it makes sense. It’s not hard to figure out. We couldn’t get those.


The former Heavy Machinery member has already spoken out about his dissatisfaction regarding how WWE decided to book him. He seems to be in a good place and ready to turn the next chapter in his life. That won’t take away the good times, and bad, that he had along the way in Vince McMahon’s company.

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