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Tonight marks the final episode of NXT before TakeOver 36 this Sunday. As such we have a loaded show; we’re getting a final face-to-face between Samo Joe and NXT Champion, Karrion Kross, and there will also be another Prime Target video package to hype Kyle O’Reilly Vs. Adam Cole, a match that is being billed as “The Undisputed Finale”.

Elsewhere tonight, the happy couple of Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell team to face Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone, Duke Hudson faces Carmelo Hayes in the second Breakout Tournament Semi-Final, and Roderick Strong will open the show with an open challenge after his match with Kushida got postponed. Last but not least, MSK will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship’s against Imperium.

That’s the preview for tonight’s loaded episode of NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



NXT opens with a preview of Takeover 36, which takes place this Sunday and we’ll have full coverage right here on Ringside News.

We go live to the CWC and Diamond Mine are in the ring. Malcolm Bivens says he doesn’t care for negativity but he has to call Kushida out. Kushida is a liar and a coward, he’s pretending to be hurt so he doesn’t have to defend his title against Roderick Strong. Well the messiah of the backbreaker wants a fight and Bivens wants a payday, so he offers an open challenge and it’s answered by the man who faces Walter on Sunday.

Roderick Strong W/Diamond Mine Vs. Ilja Dragunov

The match gets underway and they grapple for control, both on the feet and on the mat. Strong takes the wrist and gets Ilja down but he’s kicked off and they lock-up again. Strong backs Dragunov against the ropes and chops him but the Russian fires back with chops of his own. Strong pulls Dragunov into the middle rope and stomps him down. Dragunov fights back and hits a huge senton to Strong.

Dragunov takes a headlock but Strong chops him backwards into the corner. Dragunov reverses an Irish whip and follows-up with a knee. Strong knocks Ilja away from the corner and goes up top looking for a double axe handle but gets caught with a knee in mid-air. Dragunov takes Strong down with a sweep, then delivers repeated knees to the gut.

Strong whips him to the ropes and Ilja tries to swing through them like a 619 but Strong dropkicks him out of the ring. Strong goes out after him and Dragunov drops him with a chop near the steps. A distraction by Hideki Suzuki at ringside allows Strong to yank Dragunov into the steel steps. Strong lifts Dragunov and drops him back-first on the apron as we head to the break.

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Back live and Strong is in control with a submission. Dragunov manages to break free and drops a big forearm on Strong’s face. Dragunov lifts Roderick for a snap German suplex and holds on for another. Ilja wants a third but Strong elbows him. Dragunov eats some forearms but uniquely dodges a flying knee and fires back with a suplex. Dragunov is bust open and he wants torpedo Moscow but Strong knees him in the face. Dragunov bounces off the ropes and hits torpedo Moscow for the win!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

After the match, Dragunov gets on the microphone and screams for Walter to come out but he doesn’t answer the call.

Samoa Joe is seen walking into the CWC and he means business. Later tonight Joe will come face-to-face with Karrion Kross.

*Commercial Break*

We get a lenghty “Prime Target” video package for Kyle O’Reilly Vs. Adam Cole. O’Reilly says this brings closure, no matter who wins. Cole says Kyle is kidding himself if he thinks he was a key part of his success. Without Cole there would be no Kyle O’Reilly or Undisputed Era. Cole says he ends O’Reilly on Sunday and that is undisputed.

Hit Row make their way to the ring. B-Fab says Santos Escobar ripped Swerve’s grill out. Adonis says Legado can’t play with them. Swerve says this has gone to a new level. The moment he lays eyes on Santos… Escobar appears on the screen from the parking lot. He’s holding Swerve’s grill and he says he knows he may have disrespected Swerve’s culture by taking his grill. He’d return it but he doesn’t trust Hit Row, so how about Swerve meet him alone in the parking lot and they can settle this like gentlemen. Swerve agrees to the dismay of Hit Row.

Swerve makes his way outside where Santos Escobar is standing. As Swerve is walking, Wilde and Mendoza come up behind and attack him. They beat Swerve and Escobar tries to take his grill again but Hit Row rush out to make the save. Wilde and Mendoza manage to get the better of them until B-Fab comes out with a bat and hits them. Mendoza is tossed over a car hood and Wilde is lawn-darted into a garage door. Swerve beats Santos into the door a few times and takes his grill back.

L.A Knight is shown training earlier today and Cameron Grimes dabs his head with a towel. Knight is very excited about the prospect of having Ted Dibiase as his butler. Knight spots a big guy hitting a tire with a sledgehammer nearby and says he’ll pay him handsomely to teach Cameron Grimes a lesson tonight, to which the guy agrees. That match is next!

*Commercial Break*

Cameron Grimes Vs. Josh Briggs

Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase and L.A Knight are both on commentary for this one – Knight is paying 10K to Briggs if he wins. Grimes takes the wrist but Briggs connects with a big boot while Dibiase offers double or nothing to Knight in favour of Grimes. Briggs continues the offence and uses his strength to beat Grimes around.

Cameron dives at him but gets caught, then slides down and lands some right hands. Grimes connects with a running forearm that drops Briggs, then hits the spinning crossbody. Grimes hits the Cave-In for the win and Knight owes Dibiase 20K.

Winner: L.A Knight

Dibiase is laughing at Knight so the Million Dollar Champion punches him. Grimes runs out to help but Knight grabs him and hits the gravy train on the floor.

Indi Hartwell joins Johnny Gargano and Candace LeRae backstage. Indi says her relationship with Lumis has been going great, they even took a hot-air balloon ride. Gargano says that is pretty baller to be fair. Indi says she’s ready to take the relationship to the next level and Gargano tells her she can’t do that. She doesn’t even know if they’re compatiable in the ring. Lumis appears and Gargano asks him if he liked the taste of the cake he splattered on him last week but Indi says he loved it and he had room for pie later. Somewhere out there The Rock is sniffing the air.

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Io Shirai and Zoey Stark are interviewed backstage about their partnership. Zoey says it’s not easy because they’re so different but they can be friends. Io says they’re not friends, it’s all about defending the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell Vs. Robert Stone & Jessi Kamea w/fRANKY mONET

Stone starts against Lumis and he slowly removes his fancy jacket. Stone kicks the air a few times and switches his feet like Shane O’Mac. Lumis doesn’t move and Stone dives for his leg but he doesn’t budge. Lumis gets down to a crawl and Stone evacuates the ring. Monet immediately puts him back inside and Kamea tries to give him some direction.

Stone rushes Lumis after a cartwheel but eats an uppercut. Indi runs in to intercept Jessi and they fight them in opposite corners. Indi and Lumis walk towards each other but Stone and Jessi attack them. Franky Monet grabs Lumis’s feet and he drags her into the ring. The referee ejects Monet from ringside and she stomps off angrily.

*Commercial Break*

Tags are made to Lumis and Stone as we return and Dexter drops Robert with several lariats. Lumis lands a bulldog and Stone starts begging for mercy. Lumis offers him a hand and Stone takes it but gets splattered with a spinebuster. Jessi runs in and jumps but Lumis moves and she splashes Stone. Indi comes in and fights with Indi until she lands a spinebuster and covers.

Stone pulls her off and Lumis comes in but Stone runs away. Jessi body slams Hartwell and goes to a single leg Boston crab. Indi crawls to Dexter to get the rope. Jessi gets annoyed and kicks Lumis off the apron, then Stone tries to dive over the ropes onto him but Dexter just sidesteps it. Kamea runs out and slaps Lumis, the Indi slams her into the barricade. Indi gets Kamea back in the ring and applies The Silence at the same time that Lumis does it to Stone on the floor.

Winners; Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell

After the match Dexter crawls into the ring to meet Indi. She then crawls out backwards and goes to Beth Phoenix and gets something. Indi meets Dexter in the ring and proposes to him! Lumis nods yes and she puts the ring on his finger! They kiss to celebrate their big moment. In-Dex is officially engaged.

*Commercial Break*

Diamond Mine is interviewed backstage. Malcolm Bivens says that Dragunov is a heavyweight, not a cruiserweight, so as far as he’s concerned the match never took place. Regardless, Strong still has a guaranteed title shot agianst Kushida.

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai are interviewed split-screen by Beth Phoenix. Raquel says that, from the moment she debuted, she knew what she was getting into. If Dakota betrayed her best friend Dakota Kai of course she would do it to her at some point. Kai mocks her and says where was her assuredness two weeks ago when she kicked her in the face. Raquel says Dakota did what she had to and got herself a title shot but she’s going to regret it. Raquel says she is no longer a star in the making, she’s a Superstar.

Kai says she’s delusional, she kicked her face off before she saw her coming. Kai taught her everything Raquel knows but not everything Dakota knows. She made her, and at TakeOver she ends her. Raquel asks if Dakota has found another one of her because that’s the only way she’d stand a chance. But that isn’t possible because she’s one-of-a-kind. Gonzalez says Kai has no backbone, she’s never got to the top, and now she has to fend for herself. Raquel says she’s looking forward to it and calls Dakota a sidekick.

Breakout Tournament


Carmelo Hayes Vs. Duke Hudson

The match gets underway and they lock-up. The bigger Hudson forces Hayes back to the corner and mocks him. Hayes grabs the back but Hudson flings him off and laughs. Hudson drops Hayes with a shoulder, then kicks him in the leg and he falls. Hudson takes a headlock and Carmelo tries to fight out but gets slammed down.

Hayes grabs a headlock of his own and struggles to keep hold of it. Carmelo gets shot off and hits a springboard clothesline for a two-count. Hayes grabs a headlock again and wrenches it but Duke picks him up and throws him over the ropes!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Hayes hits a jawbreaker, followed by an enziguiri. Hudson blocks an Irish whip and lifts Hayes up for a knee to the face. Hudson hits a clothesline in the corner and a belly-to-belly. Hudson slaps Hayes’ face and throws him to the ropes but Duke gets suckered out the ring. Hudson tries to get back in but Carmelo kicks him right back out.

Hayes grabs his arm and kicks Duke in the face a few times, then leaps over the ropes for a DDT on the apron and Hudson landed badly. They make their way back inside and Hayes punches Hudson and lands a tilt-a-whirl slam for a near-fall. Hayes goes up top and Hudson lifts him up but Hayes counters into a small package for a near-fall. Hayes hits a pump kick and goes up top for a flying Fame-Asser and the win!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

Hayes has booked his spot in the final of the Breakout Tournament! Hayes will face Odyssey Jones in the final next Tuesday. Hayes is interviewed afterwards ad he says he called his shot weeks ago and he kept his word. He’s had to face bigger guys each time but that wasn’t enough for him. Just like a video game, in the end you face the final boss and guess what? Plot twist: he’s the final boss. Odyssey Jones comes out and laughs at Hayes, saying the whole NXT Universe will be sounding the horn when he wins next week.

*Commercial Break*

Ted Dibiase joins Cameron Grimes backstage and he apologises to him. Ted says he thinks they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Dibiase says he came into a lot of money and lost his mind. He wanted to be the Million Dollar Man and Dibiase came and gave him that chance. But he dropped the ball time and again. But Dibiase believes in him and so does he. Grimes rips his shirt off and yells that he’s back and he’s going to beat Knight and he and Dibiase are going to the moon.

NXT Tag Team Championship’s

(C) MSK Vs. Imperium

We start the tag title match with Wes Lee and Fabian Aichner. Lee tkaes the back but Aichner turns it around and throws him off. Lee ducks and dodges Aichner, then snatches a side headlock. Aichner throws him off but gets took down with a crucifix pin for two. Lee gets thrown to the apron and tags Carter, then hits Aichner with an enziguiri and Nash hits a bronco buster.

Barthel tags in and he takes Carter down with a wristlock and does a handstand in the move. Nash flips out, hits the ropes and dodges Barthel, but gets caught with a European uppercut. Snapmare and a kick to the back from Marcel. Carter kicks him out of the corner and jumps at him but Barthel kicks him and hits a double underhook suplex.

Aichner tags back in but Carter reverses him and tags Lee so they can hit a flurry of kicks and Aichner rolls out. Barthel rushes in but gets thrown outside, then MSK jump for stereo suicide dives but get caught and simultaneously body slammed on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Aichner takes Lee’s head off with a clothesline. Aichner tags Barthel, who goes to a sleeper on Wes in their corner. Lee fights up but gets taken back down with an ankle lock. Lee flings Barthel off and he knocks Nash of the apron, then grabs the ankle lock again. Aichner tags in and he throws Lee into the buckles upside down and he looks hurt.

The referee makes them ack off as they check on Le but then Imperium hang Lee in the ropes and hit stereo dropkicks for a near-fall. Barthel tags in again and Lee tosses him over the ropes, then knocks Aichner off the apron and crawls to Nash. Walter makes his way down to the ring as Carter unloads on Aichner with kicks and punches. Carter rolls with Aichner and kicks him, then tags Lee and they hit the standing moonsault shove but Barthel breaks the pin.

Walter distracts the referee, allowing Imperium to double-team Nash and send him outside. Imperium want the Euro Bomb but Dragunov runs down the ramp and attacks Walter, distracting them. Nash knocks Barthel off the ropes as Walter hits a body slam to Dragunov on the ramp! MSK hit Aichner with a blockbuster for the win!

WinnerS: MSK

After the match Walter continues battering Dragunov on the outside. Wes and Nash try to stop him but Walter drops Lee with a chop and powerbombs Nash on the apron. Walter gets Dragunov in the ring and chokes him out before posing with his title. The fans chant for Walter.

*Commercial Break*

The announcers run down the card for NXT TakeOver 36, happening this weekend after SummerSlam. We will have live results coverage of both events right here.

Samoa Joe stomps his way to the ring. Joe says venom runs through his lips when he talks about Karrion Kross. And he thought he’d be looking forward to this moment, one last chance to verbally eviscerate Kross before he gets his hands on him. But he realised it’s a waste of time. He’s not here to hurt his feelings, he’s simply here to hurt Kross. Joe tells him to tuck the clock in his back pocket and get out here.

Karrion Kross comes out to the ramp and says this isn’t about him or Joe, this is about the future of the brand. Kross brings out security guards and slowly walks down the ramp. He says they aren’t here for his benefit, they’re protection for Joe. Kross gets in the ring and says he’s confident he will drop Joe at TakeOver, and drop him fast. Joe headbutts Kross and the security try to get on the apron but Joe tosses Kross into them and out of the ring.

Joe then flies through the ropes with a suicide dive to drop all the security and Kross! Kross and Joe battle around ringside and officials come out to try and end the brawl. Joe gets slammed into the announce desk but Kross is then thrown into the plexi-glass and over the barricade. Wrestlers come running down to try and help but Jo and Kross keep fighting and end up crashing through the barricade. Both men are down as the show comes to a close.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Of course, we’ll also have live coverage of SmackDown and what should be a huge AEW Rampage on Friday, then SummerSlam on Saturday and TakeOver 36 on Sunday. It’s a big week in wrestling and we’ve got you covered. Until next time, stay safe.

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