Baron Corbin is in the middle of a storyline on SmackDown that has seen his character portrayed as someone down on their luck and in true financial struggle. He recently stole the Money in the Bank briefcase, and that storyline captured fan attention. There’s another way for Corbin to make a quick buck in WWE, but he’ll have to beat Goldberg first.

Ever since Corbin lost his King of the Ring crown to Shinsuke Nakamura in a match on SmackDown, Corbin has given promos about how he has lost endorsement deals and “hundreds of thousands of dollars”. Corbin has been seen begging for money from fans and wrestlers alike, with Corbin even competing and losing a match with Kevin Owens where Corbin would have won $1,000 if he were to win the match.

During New Day’s Feel the Power podcast, the trio had high praise for the work Corbin has been doing on SmackDown. Kofi Kingston said that he appreciates how committed Corbin is to the character, and mentioned how Corbin goes through his real life with the haircut and general look of someone down on their luck. Xavier Woods went on to say that he loves the Corbin character so much that he would like to see the angle pay off with Corbin defeating Goldberg in a WrestleMania match with $1 Million on the line.

Honestly, I know we don’t do wrestling on [the podcast], but I think that’s the best thing in wrestling right now. It’s hysterical to me. I am highly sports entertained every time I see this man. He is so committed, I can’t get enough of it. I can’t get enough. I need him to beat Goldberg at WrestleMania with $1,000,000 on the line.”


The story with Corbin being told on SmackDown has run for several weeks now with some fans even showing sympathy for the heel character of Corbin. Many fans who were never too keen on Corbin are now invested in the character and many consider him a highlight of SmackDown.

What WWE has in mind for the future of the Corbin storyline remains to be seen, however there are at least some people within WWE who want to see the story end in extravagant fashion for the former King Corbin.

Jack Waynick

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