Chris Jericho is very proud of the fact that he was AEW’s first World Champion. That led to a new moniker and Le Champion was born. He also celebrated with plenty of bottles of the bubbly. AEW transformed the pro wrestling landscape and became a destination for many wrestlers. Now Le Champion is happy to proclaim Tony Khan’s company as “the coolest.”

During an appearance on Audacy’s Bubba Show on 100.7 Star, Chris Jericho spoke about AEW’s progress and what they have become. He touted the company as “the coolest” as he went into some of the reasons why AEW became such a hot product in today’s scene.

“This has been a really good time for us and one of the reasons why AEW has really gone through the roof and become the coolest wrestling company in the world today is because of our storytelling. We’ve had this angle, as we say in wrestling, this story with Jericho and MJF for almost a year now. And it’s culminating with these five labors of Jericho, which I took from the twelve labors of Hercules from Greek mythology. And I kind of have to get through these different guys in order to get to wrestle MJF again.”

“So we’re going to have, I think the fourth labor of Jericho, in Pittsburgh. Who’s it going to be, what’s it going to be, it’s all part of the story and you kind of have to follow along and watch and see. Whenever I have the last match, who knows when that might be, it all depends on the storyline and what’s going on at the time. But I don’t think I’m going to be one of those guys that goes ‘this is the last and it’s the big bruhaha’ and cries at the end of it and goes ‘thank you for the memories!’ I’m not that type of guy, I don’t care about that sort of stuff. When I have my last match, you may not even know it. It just depends. As long as I can continue to perform at the highest of levels, that I feel that I can, then I’ll keep going. And when I feel that I can’t, I’ll step aside. And when that is, who knows, and who it’s against, it all depends on where we’re at at the time.”


Chris Jericho is anticipated to face MJF at All Out in Chicago on September 5th. He must defeat Wardlow before he can get to that final “Labour of Jericho” in Chicago. MJF will also be on hand this Wednesday at Dynamite as a special enforcer to make things even harder for The Million Viewer Man to pull off that W.

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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