Matt Cardona was a part of WWE for almost a decade. He had a time in a storyline with John Cena in the early 2010s, but he was stuck being a mid-carder for the remainder of his time. Since he became a mainstay in the locker room for so long, he got to know a lot of his coworkers very well.

Cardona appeared for the 2nd time on The Oral Sessions after he recently appeared with his fiancée Chelsea Green. His more recent appearance included many discussion points, ranging from Bray Wyatt’s release on WWE, AEW’s capacity for taking WWE’s released superstars and his own experiences as he currently enjoys his reign as World GCW champion.

While being positive on the subject of Bray Wyatt’s future, the superstar took turn for the dark and urged everyone to not “sit on your a**“, follow your passion and hustle.

I don’t know what’s going on. They say budget cuts but aren’t they doing very, very well? Maybe that’s why by letting everybody go, I don’t know. I’m not in those meetings, I have no idea what’s going on. I think it’s obvious that someone like Bray Wyatt is going to be just fine, if he chooses to be. But I don’t think you necessarily need to be a top guy like Bray to be just fine. You can be anybody and be just fine.


But guess what, newsflash, you’ve got to work. You’ve got to hustle, you’ve got to bust your ass, because it’s not just going to happen for you. Crumbs make crumb cake. F*cking do everything you can. Pro Wrestling Tees, indies, start podcast. Whatever your passion is do something, it doesn’t have to be a podcast. Do whatever you want. But if you’re just going to sit on your ass and think you’re going to make this WWE money? Newsflash, spoiler, it ain’t going to happen.

As the host Renee Paquette and Matt Cardona struck the topic of AEW and Cardona’s own stint on the rising wrestling promotion, Cardona questioned the ability of AEW to take as much talent WWE is willing to release.

How many people can they (AEW) take? I was there for three or four shows and it was great. It was a great time, I loved it, it was fun. Buzzworthy stuff, it was cool meeting all these new people and teaming with Cody. But at the end of the day they didn’t offer me a deal and I didn’t ask. So that was it. I was like ‘okay, time to move on.’ That was it. I’m not going to sit around and wait. I’m not going to sit around and cry. Time to go do other things, you know?

Cardona also spoke about his own experiences while working with GCW, Impact Wrestling, indie promotions as well as his long-run at WWE. He revealed the deficits he suffered in WWE which are being fulfilled now that he is walking a different path.

I love working hard. And I felt like in WWE, for me personally, I wasn’t able to work hard because I wasn’t given the opportunity to work hard. Now I feel like I can work my ass off. And listen, not everything is going to be a success. But at least I have the opportunity to try. That’s all I ever wanted, was an opportunity. Now I have this safe in my house, full of graded traded cards that worth money and cash that I make on the indies. It’s great!

His Zack Ryder years have been long gone, but the former WWE superstar has taken to his newfound place in pro-wrestling in a very positive way, and continues to give his fans the message that hard work always pays off.

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