Jon Moxley is undoubtedly one of the mainstays of AEW television ever since he made his debut in the company at AEW Double Or Nothing 2019. Since then he’s had a terrific time in AEW, becoming the AEW World Champion and being involved in high-profile matches.

AEW has certainly grown in many areas since its debut back in 2019 and Jon Moxley was there right from the beginning, as he was determined to be one of the foundations of the company.

While speaking to Cincy 3:60, Jon Moxley was asked if AEW’s intention was to take the world by storm. Moxley stated that everyone in AEW hoped for that and that he wanted to join the company on the ground floor as Moxley wanted to commit fully from day one.

“That was the hope, otherwise I wouldn’t have come here. Coming here was like ‘well this an opportunity to help and really do something and create something and be part of a thing that’s helping wrestling.’ Creating something new, being on a team from the ground floor. I could’ve just waited around and been like ‘let’s see if this thing works out and then maybe see what they’re doing.’ I was like ‘no. If I’m going to be in, I’m in. If I’m going to commit, I’m going to come in at the ground floor and if we fail, we fail. But we’re going to try to succeed. I could feel the momentum, I could just feel the energy from the very first night in at the very first Double or Nothing. It was like, you could feel it man. And 2020 hit everybody hard man. That could’ve killed us with not having TV, but we figured out a way to run TV and everybody kind of pulled together and worked to figure it out. Now that that’s like finally kind of over, that was a long, tumultuous kind of period. And then we had to go against, we’ve got this Wednesday Night War thing going on. So we’re in the trenches, we’ve got no fans, we’ve got a pandemic, we’ve got this other company trying to hurt us. And we came through that smelling like roses.


“Now it’s all positive on the other side. It kind of galvanized everyone together. Now it’s like, the train is rolling man so you better get on now. The wrestling business is changing right now and it’s all for the better. I think it’s going to be picking up new fans along the way. It really feels like anything can happen in pro wrestling right now, as far as like different people from different promotions going back and forth. Whether that be New Japan or Impact or AAA or whatever, it literally feels like anything is possible right now. So it’s cool time to be in wrestling, cool time to be a fan. You can feel that something is going on right now. It’s all very interesting

Moxley’s commitment paid off in a big way as many fans would agree. Jon Moxley could be facing off against NJPW star Hiroshi Tanahashi at AEW All Out on September 5th. We will have to wait and see how his feud with Tanahashi will be booked.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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