AEW included a match during Dynamite this week to cap off Fight For The Fallen that drew a lot of attention. Nick Gage went to work on Chris Jericho with many gimmicked deathmatch weapons, including a pizza cutter. This was not lost on fans as a Dominos Pizza commercial took up the split screen just as they cut to a commercial break.

A story came out that Dominos Pizza is upset about this spot. The said that they are assessing their sponsorship for the TV-14 program. Now an allegation has come out saying that WWE planted this story and encouraged others to cover it.

According to David Bixenspan, he was contacted by a reporter who allegedly provided screenshots to prove that WWE contacted him concerning picking up the story about AEW upsetting their sponsors. He was allegedly given the screenshots, but they were not provided in the article.

According to a screenshot shared with Babyface v. Heel, a reporter from a mainstream publication, in reaching out about the story, explicitly said that WWE had contacted them about writing a article on the Domino’s/AEW situation.


He also made note of how Dave Meltzer “strongly implied” in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the stories were planted. In the newsletter, Meltzer wrote: “Domino’s is a major sponsor of TNT and WarnerMedia programming so this is a serious issue. There was a concerted campaign to contact sponsors but at press time Domino’s was the only one that has reacted to the match.”

The internet wrestling community, and even Pabst Blue Ribbon, had a field day talking about AEW losing corporate sponsors. Tony Khan reportedly gave TNT the heads up that AEW would be taking it to that level in the main event as well.

We have not seen any proof that WWE planted this story about AEW upsetting their sponsors. This story is floating around now and we will have to see if anyone comes forward to back up that claim.

What’s your take on this story? Did WWE plant this information about AEW? Sound off in the comments!

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