AEW presented a bloody main event this week as Chris Jericho battled Nick Gage. That was quite a sight as Le Champion bled all over the ring. They used light tubes and other dangerous weapons, but they did it as safely as they could.

Many fans were worried about the light tubes especially, because they contain a powder that is very dangerous if it gets in your lungs. Gage also whipped out his pizza cutter to do even more damage on Jericho’s face.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that AEW gimmicks as many of those weapons as they could. Therefore, the light tubes did not include that powder that so many people are afraid to breathe in.

The match last night, the light tubes, the pizza cutter I presume, uhh gimmicked. So, uh you don’t have to worry about them inhaling anything. All of the cuts, blades, old school, whatever. So, the match was safer than when you see light bulbs and everything like that.


AEW promised a no rules match with Nick Gage and they delivered in a big way. The King was able to bring out several tools of his death match trade and use them on Chris Jericho. They also did it as safely as possible.

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Transcription by Ringside News

H Jenkins

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