Lana was released from WWE just recently, but she remembers the ThunderDome well. That time is over for her, and the next cheers she hears for her will come from a live crowd, where ever she lands next. It doesn’t sound like she misses the ThunderDome much.

While speaking to Talk Is Jericho, Lana called the ThunderDome reactions “rigged,” but there is also certainly a bit of fixing things so the crowd reacts exactly as Vince McMahon desires.

WWE Superstars can hear the ThunderDome reaction now, but that wasn’t always the case. The chants in the ThunderDome are meant to seem organic, but everyone on each screen is also being told how to react.

“It’s all a little bit rigged for sure.  This is where I miss having fans.  If the chants have already been done before, they can clip it.  So the ‘This is awesome’ chants, they can definitely do.  I think Bianca and Rhea, at one of the matches, they auto in ‘This is awesome’ chant.  I think that’s great, especially if you have the stuff.  It sets the tone.  So many people have gotten over because in one city, some chant started that you were trying to get over, it hooks, and then people on television see and they keep doing it.  I know they’ve clipped in other ones.  They definitely do the boos and the cheers.”

Vince McMahon is in for a rude awakening when he gets his storylines back in front of live fans and they let him know what they really think. That is pretty much a certainty at this point, because the Internet Wrestling Community is full of opinions of the current WWE product and there is a lot of room to improve.

The big question is who will get a big pop or boo that Vince McMahon isn’t expecting. Some were surprised that Edge and Tamina Snuka got such huge pops at WrestleMania. We are all very excited to see how long it takes for WWE fans to hijack a segment once again.

What’s your take on the ThunderDome era? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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