Bruce Prichard is Executive Director of Raw and SmackDown, overseeing both teams’ creative process. A recent rumor is picking up steam saying that Prichard was moved out of that role, but that is not true.

Ringside News has been sent several rumors that Bruce Prichard was removed from the creative team. We can confirm this is not the case. A tenured member of the writing team has told us that Prichard has not been replaced.

It was explained to us that Bruce Prichard is not a “head writer” in the first place. He is the executive director and there is a “big difference, at least the way Bruce does it.” The rumor is that Prichard was replaced by Mike Heller, but that did not happen.

There are actually three head writers for WWE right now, Ed Koskey, Ryan Callahan, Mike Heller in that order. Heller is “a lead writer in name only.”

Ringside News exclusively reported Heller’s hiring in March. He was brought in by Christine Lubrano, Senior Vice President of Creative Writing Operations. Lubrano was also the same woman who brought in Kenice Mobley, the writer who WWE fired this week after she admitted on a podcast that she was given the job without any pro wrestling background.

Simply put, Mike Heller is not replacing Bruce Prichard at all. We were told that “Heller is not even close to Koskey or Callahan, let alone get near Bruce.” The company might be switching around a few things internally, but Bruce Prichard’s position has not been changed.

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