WWE is approaching another Draft after SummerSlam and there are a lot of possibilities on the table. A recent report even stated that Big E is set for a move to the red brand to continue his singles push apart from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Ringside News asked about the current plans for after SummerSlam, particularly with the WWE Draft. We were told that any reports about WWE’s post-Draft plans at this point are “just people talking.”

It was confirmed to us by a tenured member of the team that “there are no plans for ‘after the draft’ right now.” All of the discussions at this point revolve around Money in the Bank and SummerSlam. A lot is likely to change in that time.

We previously reported that the creative team was not given Brock Lesnar’s name on a list of Draft choices. The Undertaker was even on that list, and he retired last year. At this point, nothing has been confirmed by Vince McMahon as actually happening, so it isn’t 100% going to happen.

A lot of ideas are out there and some big things are being discussed. Vince McMahon’s current focus is on Money in the Bank and SummerSlam. The WWE Draft can wait, but that won’t stop ideas from coming out.

After specifically asking about the plans for Big E moving to the Raw brand, we were told, “might it happen? Sure. But anything can happen.” Stay tuned, because you really never know what WWE will book next.

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