Ryback lost his blue verification badge on Twitter a while ago, and he really wants it back. He has been through a lot on that platform, including WWE trying to seize his account. That is not going to fly anymore and he is making a very public deal about it.

The Big Guy popped up on Twitter to continue his pursuit toward regaining that blue checkmark. He posted his real driver’s license complete with photo and proof that his name is Ryback Allen Reeves.

The former WWE IC Champion, who once called title belts props, also called Twitter out for suppressing his account since 2016.

Hey @twitter @twittersupport checking in on some communication so we can talk about my account. You’re the only platform that won’t verify me and have my account suppressed since 2016. @jack here’s my ID also and am being granted the trademark as I am it. Enough of this, let’s go

Ryback is trying to stay positive and continue his fight. It must be frustrating, especially when Twitter seemingly won’t even let him submit for verification.

In the meantime, Ryback will continue doing his thing. He recently showed up at the Bucks vs Hawks NBA Playoff game where he went shirtless and posed for a pumped crowd. That was a nice escape, but it didn’t fix his situation on Twitter.

What’s your take on Ryback’s social media? Did WWE sabotage him? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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