The topics of masks is still a hot button issue for a lot of people, especially Joey Janela. The Bad Boy is right alongside Drake Wuertz, literally. He sat next to the former NXT referee at a Seminole County school board meeting, and Janela had his voice heard, whether it was part of the meeting or not.

Wuertz has been known to do his own thing at school board meetings. He actually missed a NXT taping prior to his release so he could speak about mask mandates. He doesn’t like them at all and claims they are a tool used by child sex traffickers, yet another unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory.

Janela was happy to report on Twitter that he got on his good clothes and went to a meeting. The video that David Bixenspan posted was more than enough proof of what Janela did at that meeting.

I got dressed up tonight to check out my local Seminole county school board meeting!

The video doesn’t show Janela, but he wasn’t on the stand, nor was he called upon. He interrupted the meeting while yelling about masking the children.

He later shared Janela for School Board President graphics, but we’re not sure if he’s 100% legit running yet. We will continue monitoring this story here at Ringside News.

What’s your take on Joey Janela’s dive into politics? Sound off in the comments!

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