Update: A correspondent reached out to inform us that Michael Elgin has been found. He ended up in St. Louis and seems to be fine. We are unclear about additional details at this time.

Original: Michael Elgin has gone missing and his friends are very worried about him. There is now a search for him as his friends have taken to social media trying to find him. This is a very real situation and has nothing to do with a pro wrestling storyline.

Maria James posted on Facebook to inform people that Michael Elgin has gone missing. He was last seen yesterday afternoon, but now he cannot be contacted. They are very worried about him and his sponsor has also sent out a social media blast in search of him.

For those who don’t know my missing friend is Aaron Frobel better known as Big Mike or Michael Elgin. He has been missing since yesterday afternoon and if any knows where he may be please contact me here or his sponsor Eric at the number provided below, We are worried about him Immensely and any Information would be greatly appreciated. We just want to bring him home safely. If any one has seen him please reach out. Aaron Frobel please contact me or Eric or someone and let us know you’re safe.


Aaron Frobel also wrote a note about Michael Elgin’s disappearance. He has been helping Elgin through many things and they went to check on him, but only found his phone.

Hello, my name is Eric and rm a. friend/ sponsor of Aaron’s, l don’t want to cause too much alarm, or worry anyone too greatly, But I’ve been helping Aaron through a lot of things lately, and yesterday he left a concerning message on Facebook and at his home. Myself and my wife have a spare key to check in on him, and when going to see what was going on we found his phone but he was not at his home. We have his phone, but his vehicle was not at the home so we hope he just went somewhere to clear his head.
If anyone on here hears from him, or see’s him please reach out. I can be reached at 314612-9455

We’re hoping for the best in this situation. Michael Elgin’s career has been plagued by allegations that he staunchly denied, but it still crippled his pro wrestling career. He is a very talented performer, but controversy followed him. Now his friends are worried.

If you see Michael Elgin please reach out to the number above.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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