Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett were released by WWE in April 2020 as part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. Both of them eventually returned to ROH. Maria Kanellis was also grateful to WWE for providing them with an opportunity to work for the company.

One of the most widely-discussed topics in pro wrestling is regarding released WWE Superstars receiving their belongings in a trash bag, which was revealed by Mickie James back in April.

While speaking to Fightful, Maria Kanellis addressed the trash bag incident and suggested that the company should conduct exit interviews in order for the company to properly gauge how their performers are being treated.

“So, I think the bigger issue is that if they didn’t know that this was the practice, that’s a problem. If they knew it was a practice, that’s a problem. You should know what is happening with your former employees. Whether it be how they’re getting their stuff or whether there’s an exit interview, which I have had at any other job that I have left to find out—were you treated well? Anything you would like to discuss? Would you like to talk about how your interactions were with management? Management should know what is going on with their employees and with their former employees. The trash bag is symbolic of how WWE feels when you’re out the door. I feel like that’s the biggest issue.”

“Mickie said the exact same thing in the sense that she thought it was symbolic of how she was treated for the last three years of her career. I think it was the last run of her career in WWE. So, I think that’s the biggest issue. That, to me, is the thing that they really need to look into.”

“They should have records of how their employees feel. Not only for former employees, but they should also have records of how their employees feel that work for the company. My sister is in a corporate job. I know that they definitely do progress reports. They do interviews on how things are doing.”

This is certainly an interesting suggestion made by Kanellis and we wonder if WWE will ever implement it. Maria Kanellis is content working in ROH right now but she’ll always be grateful for her time in WWE. However, it is unlikely she’ll return to the company anytime soon.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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