Matt Cardona has been known as a few things, especially in WWE. When he’s out trying to scratch that figure itch, he’s known as the Thousand Dollar Broski. He’s not afraid to drop big money on a high-priced collectable.

Cardona was very happy to show off a new certificate that he received today. He now officially owns the name Thousand Dollar Broski. This is a moniker he has gone by on his Major Wrestling Figure podcast in the past. Now he owns it.

The United States of America recognizes me as The Thousand Dollar Broski! Thanks @gimmickattorney! @majorwfpod

It seems that Michael Dockins helped Cardona attain this trademark as well. He has helped a ton of people get trademarks in recent memory.


WWE owns the name Broski, but Cardona now owns this trademark. He can now use it however he sees fit. Odds are this new nickname ownership won’t help him out in his match against Nick Gage. The King seems eager to murder Cardona no matter what he’s calling himself.

Can you think of a better nickname for Matt Cardona? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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