WWE released a lot of Superstars in the past few weeks and the company has a new rule about Superstars that they release. Now they are not allowed to use their old WWE names even when signing things.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE contracts note that released Superstars are not allowed to do events or appearances under their old WWE names. That makes sense, but they also aren’t even allowed to sign items under their old names either.

WWE contracts regarding autograph signings is that talent no longer under contract is not only not allowed to do events or appearances using their WWE name, which is understandable, but they aren’t allowed to even sign using their name.

This is obviously an attempt on WWE’s part to restrict released Superstars from using the company’s intellectual property. In this case that property is the Superstars’ very name from WWE. It also makes those WWE autographs more valuable for collectors.

It was given as an example that if Braun Strowman is asked to autograph an action figure, then he must sign his real name, Adam Scherr, instead of Braun Strowman. Plenty of previously released Superstars and legends still appear at indie events and other conventions and sign autographs. It is unknown how widespread this new edict reaches, but it appears that it, at least, applies to the recent crop of releases.

What’s your take on WWE restricting autographs like this? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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