Donald Trump showed up for a speech yesterday and started a couple of trends on social media that he probably wasn’t looking for. Then again, it really looked like his pants were on backwards. You can check out the video below and judge for yourself.

Gail Kim noticed two very interesting trends on Twitter yesterday. “FUPA” was trending for some reason. We can’t tell you what FUPA stands for here, but that information just a Google search away. Another thing that trended had to do with the 45th POTUS’ pants.

It appeared that Donald Trump did his big speech on Saturday with his pants on backwards. There is no zipper visible and the creases on his thighs seem to look like they should go on the back as well. Obviously, this sparked a viral reaction and Gail Kim chimed in.

I saw fupa trending yesterday. So it was his pants backwards?! Or was it a fupa? Maybe both??

We’ll have to see if we get any real resolution regarding this issue about the former POTUS’ pants. It is still heating up the Twitter platform and trending across other social media sites. That’s one way to get around his ban.

You can check out Gail Kim’s reply to this little controversy below.

What’s your take on Donald Trump’s pants? Are they on correctly? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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