Mark Carrano is no longer with WWE. Reports coming out of the situation after his release said that he won’t be missed by many. He was apparently a bit of a snake, and a new story just came out about how he lied to talent.

Carrano also had allegations come out about him from an ex. She claimed that he stole a ton of WWE Title belts and he also tried to kill her cat.

While speaking to Fightful Select, Alexander Wolfe stated that Mark Carrano promised SaNITy that WWE had big plans for them. He hyped what they had in store, but there was absolutely noting in line. All they were hearing out of Carrano were empty promises.

Mark Carrano told Sanity that they were figured in and the company had big plans for them, which Wolfe said were “empty promises.”


Mark Carrano was doing his job as head of talent relations at the time. Still, some Superstars would rather know the truth than have smoke blown at them from someone who is just trying to falsely prop them up.

It turns out that WWE used a slew of storyline ideas that they had for SaNITy on Retribution years later. That was long after WWE split up SaNITy and now a majority of the faction is no longer with the company.

How would you have booked SaNITy in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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