AEW tried their best to be all-inclusive and Cody Rhodes released a special t-shirt for Pride. That rainbow t-shirt will see all proceeds go to a worthy charity, but it still drew some ire from fans.

This new charity t-shirt from Cody Rhodes, where all profit goes to The National Center For Transgender Equality, caused one fan to call Cody out. This person wanted to know, “Why can’t it be just an AEW pride shirt? Why does your name have to be attached to it? In fact, shouldn’t it be something like a Nyla Rose or a Sonny Kiss t-shirt as they are part of the community?” Then he remarked, “Sh*t, I ought to go in marketing.”

Brandi Rhodes saw this comment and she had to retort. Obviously, this fan touched a nerve and she didn’t let the tweet go unanswered. She also made it clear that any AEW star who wishes to make t-shirt for charity may do so.

Because he’s the one person that said “I’d like to contribute and I’ll gladly put my platform up and accept $0 so someone else can profit.” At AEW anyone that wants to do a shirt for charity can. Maybe some people just don’t want to deal with stuff like this. KC didn’t this year.


She seemed to avoid answering why the company doesn’t have an official AEW rainbow design. Her response still revealed a lot.

I seems that AEW’s Chief Brand Officer has spoken. Any AEW star may get a rainbow t-shirt and donate proceeds to charity if they want to. We’ll have to see how many people take her up on the offer. There are also a plethora of other charities that they might participate in later on.

Do you want a Cody Rhodes t-shirt? Sound off in the comments!

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