There is some major drama going on in the Anderson household. Karl Anderson’s wife called him out in a big way on social media once again. This time she caught him at 3:00 AM in a place with other women around. This is a scandalous situation, but she just wants her husband to get help.

Karl Anderson’s wife has called him out over leaving in the past. He allegedly disappeared for days. She also accused him of cheating and called him out for his excessive drinking.

Anderson’s wife logged onto Twitter and she let it all out once again. He apparently called her at 3 AM, waking her up. This is when Anderson’s wife heard other women in the background of the call.

Husband’s phone accidentally called me at 3 am and woke me up and I heard a lot of commotion in the background and girls laughing. He doesn’t want to tell me the truth of what happened. Who saw him and what did he do in Jacksonville till 3 am?


Karl Anderson is in Jacksonville, Florida ahead of AEW Double or Nothing. His wife is aware of what he is doing as she followed that first tweet up with a second where she expressed a wish that her husband will get some help.

Of course I know what he really did! The real matter is that he has a drinking problem that he won’t admit and refuses to get real help. Maybe you all can help! Alcoholism really tears families apart and sometimes you gotta go extreme like this to save someone

We are hoping for the best in this situation. It is very unfortunate because Anderson and his wife have children, and most of them are old enough to understand what is going on. Hopefully, Anderson and his wife can patch things up, but he might be in the dog house in a big way until he gets some help.

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