Dana Warrior was quick to speak out against Dark Side of the Ring’s episode on the Ultimate Warrior. She called the show “smut and filth.” That episode will debut on Thursday and it will likely have a much different tone from the A&E Biography that just dropped. This new clip contains a story that A&E certainly didn’t include.

A sneak peek from Dark Side of the Ring shows Ultimate Warrior’s ex wife talking about how he changed. This took place after winning the WWE Title. She said that he was erratic and never came home after a while.

Then his ex wife said that she called his hotel room several times, but he didn’t answer. She finally had a wellness check done for him, and hotel staff told her that he was sleeping. This wasn’t enough for her as that bad feeling continued.

The Ultimate Warrior’s ex wife said that she called her husband back and he answered the phone that time. Suddenly, she heard a woman’s voice in the background. She knew that he was cheating at that point, but she had no idea how bad it was.


His ex wife then found his day planner where Ultimate Warrior marked off different towns with women and their contact information. He was going ham on the road, cheating on his wife. This was a very emotional segment and she broke down in tears while remembering that experience. When the Ultimate Warrior got home divorce papers were waiting on him.

You can check out the clip below. If they’re giving this story out early we can only imagine what kind of “smut and filth” Vice has planned for fans on Thursday.

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