Vince McMahon has a lot of ideas and many fans would love to know what he is thinking. The best way that he has to relay his own narrative during WWE programming is by telling the announcers what to say. He does that throughout the show from the Gorilla Position just next to the entrance.

Pat McAfee is now a commentator on SmackDown and he knows what it is like to have Vince McMahon right in his ear. This is something that some people said he would hate, but he cherishes the opportunity to have one of the greatest minds in entertainment speak directly to him.

Corey Graves was on the Pat McAfee Show where he further discussed how WWE commentators have to literally relay what is in Vince McMahon’s brain to the viewers on a weekly basis.

 “That’s what it is. You’re playing a guessing game trying to think of what he is trying to see, or what he wants to see.  You have to remember Pat, we’re basically the last line of defense from what’s going on in his brain, his vision for his company, for his empire that he built.  He sees things happening a certain way, and if they’re not happening the way he wants to see them, or, he feels as though something needs to be tweaked or changed, you and me, and Cole and Adnan and Byron are the last defense for him to say, ‘No, make sure they understand this.’


So, there are a lot of times we will say something, or you’ll hear him tell you something that might not even make sense to you in the moment, but you’re going, ‘Ok, he sees where this is supposed to be going. He knows. I don’t.’ We think we do, but that’s why when he comes in, it’s not that he doesn’t trust us. We’re the last panic button for him to go, ‘Pat, say this.’ Ok, we saved it. If something goes wrong or awry on the show or in the ring, to be able to think on the fly and pivot and get us back to where we need to go on track. We’re the last line of defense for his vision.”

Vince McMahon’s thoughts are discussed all the time and maybe fans should listen to the commentators more to know what is really going on. It certainly puts things into perspective when they throw out those lines to progress the story or add something to the character that wasn’t explicitly said on the show. Vince McMahon is filling in those storyline gaps through the earpieces those announcers are wearing.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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