The Young Bucks did things their own way and it really paid off for them. Pro wrestling’s rules, built on tradition, were broken one after another as Nick and Matt Jackson changed the game when it comes to merchandising and branding.

While speaking to Charly Arnolt on ESPN’s Sports Nation, Matt Jackson opened up about how he and his brother followed the rules for as long as they could. Eventually they had to do their own thing and change as they felt that shift in the pro wrestling landscape.

“Professional wrestling has always been very traditional,” Matt said. “And it’s like there’s these unspoken rules, and we followed those rules for so long, and were very unsuccessful in our careers. So, when my brother and I finally decided to break the rules, and to be rebels, and do whatever we wanted to do, everything sort of started to change, and we became successful.”

“We felt the change, we felt that shift, and so people started saying, ‘Oh, they do too many superkicks, they do too much of this, they’re killing the business!’ And we were like, well our pocketbook is getting a lot bigger and fatter, so you tell us we’re killing the business? I like this ‘Killing The Business’ thing.”


The Young Bucks showed tons of fans that pro wrestling existed outside of WWE. They helped the Bullet Club launch into Hot Topic and their merchandise soon followed in greater numbers, eventually becoming the #1 seller.

They are still doing what they can to change the game in AEW. The Young Bucks are now heels and living up that bad guy persona. We will have to see what’s next for them, but they will continue doing things their way.

Do the Young Bucks get enough credit for their contributions to pro wrestling? Sound of in the comments below!

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