EC3’s time in WWE did not last long. He was given a chance for a push, but a program with Dean Ambrose did not pan out. Vince McMahon wanted EC3 to get cheers over the former Shield member who fans knew was leaving the company, an impossible task.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, EC3 was asked about his meetings with Vince McMahon. He described The Chairman as being “indifferent” about him, but then EC3 admitted that he might not have been aggressive enough in trying to get himself an opportunity.

“Indifference, really. Maybe I wasn’t aggressive enough in pitching it too, so that could lay on me, but at the same time, you try, and try, and try, and try and try and nothing happens. I made myself a promise, and I broke that promise because there is a negative stigmata a lot of times in the locker room where nothing matters.”

“Coming up there, I was like, no matter what happens, I’m going to be positive [and] optimistic. I’m going to grind. I’m going to be my absolute best. I’m going to put it forward, and I didn’t because I fell under the trap of nothing matters and maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe nothing does matter there or maybe I was my own worst enemy.”


EC3 further explained how he was his own worst enemy. There were a lot of things going on in his head at the time, and there wasn’t a lot of positivity. In the end, he suffered a concussion and they never brought him back.

“You get frustrated. Frustration, depression, anxiety, angst [and] all those things kind of add up too,” EC3 admitted. “When I was called up, the call-up came when I was out for concussion, so I rushed back, and then maybe I didn’t heal enough from it mentally. Maybe I didn’t have enough time. Maybe I tried to rush back into action too soon, or maybe I just failed. It’s okay to fail because through failure, you learn.”

EC3 is now controlling his own narrative after his April 15th, 2020 release from the company. A lot has happened since then and he signed a deal with ROH. EC3 is also dealing with health issues as he was recently hospitalized.

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