Bobby Lashley kicked off WrestleMania 37 by defeating Drew McIntyre. That was a big surprise as a lot of fans had their money on McIntyre winning the WWE Title in front of live fans. That didn’t happen, but it elevated Bobby Lashley in a huge way.

Not Sam Wrestling recently spoke to Drew McIntyre about his WrestleMania experience. Live fans were a treat to have back, and they used that added element to the best of their ability at the show of shows.

The Scottish Warrior went on to say how great it was that they were able to make another top Superstar in Bobby Lashley on the grandest stage of them all.

“Absolutely. That moment with the fans, that’s going to be part of my story. A lot of people say ‘oh my goodness Drew I can’t believe you never won. You deserved this, that moment with the fans!’ or whatever. But as I was lying there after the match, and I heard the crowd was shocked almost and Lashley was standing there, I thought to myself ‘wow, we’ve made another superstar. This is great.’ We need top level superstars really bad. As many as we can make. And Bobby is now a top level star that he’s always been destined to be. Him and MVP together are magic.”

“And for Drew McIntyre the character, like, I mean I’ve been on top. Thankfully I’ve been lucky to get this platform, these opportunities for a long time. But my character, I’m not Superman. I’m not made of metal, I’m not from another planet, I don’t overcome everything. People know my story, I’m flawed,  I am the Batman.”

“I think that’s what makes me more relatable. Sometimes I’m going to fall and fall hard, and that includes failing at WrestleMania. So how do I deal with it is, I guess, more what’s interesting for my character. And to stay relatable as a big guy, and at the same time make someone like Lashley I think is very important.”

We’ll have to see what’s in Bobby Lashley’s future. He must defend the WWE Title in a triple threat match at WrestleMania Backlash on May 16th. Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman will both try hard to topple the All Mighty, but they won’t be able to take away his WrestleMania moment.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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