AEW Blood & Guts ended with a big spot where Chris Jericho took a giant fall off the top of the cage. This was a shocking moment to cap off the special event, but some trolled the spot because fans could obviously tell that the fall was cushioned.

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During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed what Chris Jericho really fell on during that big spot. They put up cardboard boxes to catch him instead of a traditional crash pad.

“Just a note here, it wasn’t even a crash pad. You know what Chris Jericho fell on last night? They put a bunch of cardboard boxes and they covered it with a ramp. Cardboard boxes. Bro, if I’m on top of a cage and you tell me that I’m gonna bump off onto one of those big foam pits then I’ll do it in a heartbeat. You tell me I’m doing it on a bunch of cardboard boxes, I’m not doing it. The guy’s actually ballsy for falling onto cardboard boxes.”

Chris Jericho is 50-years-old, so that’s still quite a feat, no matter what he’s falling on. Knowing that Le Champion took that fall onto a bunch of cardboard boxes also makes us look at the entire event a bit differently.

You can check out the spot below.

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