Charlotte Flair recently fired back in a big way and buried Dave Meltzer over comments he made during his radio show. It was a situation where The Queen heard enough and she needed to speak.

Dave Meltzer commented during Wrestling Observer Radio about how Charlotte Flair is getting dental work done. That is the reason for her WWE suspension.

“She’s just getting a complete makeover, that’s just what happened,” Meltzer said before continuing. “It’s just one of those things they make you real self-conscious about your looks when you’re a woman in wrestling. It’s just one of the negatives of it, but it’s a reality of it.”

Charlotte Flair heard this clip and she lashed out at Meltzer for his comments. She sent out two tweets, one of which ended with “go to Hell.”

Yeah, I just listened. I thought @davemeltzerWON would have learned his lesson last time commenting about women’s bodies, but apparently I’m fair game

So I get to respond. Again. To a rumor about my body. Again. You know what? This is when I stop.

Dave, Go To Hell.

You have my phone number. It would take you 30 seconds to ask as opposed to giving straight crap to your listeners. Grow up. For you, of all people, to comment on a woman’s looks…

Do you have any shame, decency or professionalism left at all?

Find a mirror. Look hard Dave.

Charlotte Flair doesn’t appreciate people talking about anything going on in her personal life. She will be back in the ring as soon as possible. Flair apparently needed to get dental work done right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s out of the running for a big match at WrestleMania Backlash on May 16th.

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