We all know that Xavier Woods can play the trombone, but he wanted to learn a new musical instrument, so he picked up the bass guitar.

The New Day member showed off on social media to let fans in on his progress. He’s coming along and getting the finger placements. Woods might be learning, but he’s obviously been practicing too.

Xavier Woods also included a little caption to let fans know how difficult this was after only two months under his belt.

For me, this was extremely difficult play but if feel like its alright for being two-ish months into bass, and its still definitely not there yet but…. progress! (this was the best take and i got very excited

We’ll have to see if Xavier Woods will start playing a bass guitar on WWE television. It might be a bit harder to make his way to the ring lugging an amplifier behind him, so he’ll probably stick to the trombone. It’s still pretty impressive that he’s making this kind of progress with a new instrument.

Felix Upton

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