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WrestleMania 37 is in the books and it was a hell of a week. The All Mighty WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, opened the show against Drew McIntyre and retained the title, however the Women’s Champion, Asuka, was less successful and Rhea Ripley emerged with the gold. So where do the two big Champions of the red brand go from here? Does Lashley get a new challenger after cleanly beating McIntyre? If so, who might that challenger be? And as for Ripley, Asuka probably deserves a rematch but if rumours are to be believed, she might have a more manly challenger in the wings.

Sheamus was also able to topple a Champion last night when he Brogue Kicked Riddle mid-moonsault to become the new United States Champion. It was a hard-hitting affair and the tense staredown afterwards leaves us to believe this one isn’t quite over yet and we could get a rematch tonight. And the same could be said of AJ Styles and Omos Vs. The New Day, following the title change on Night 1 of WrestleMania.

Of course, the expectations around the RAW After ‘Mania are always substantial and tonight is no different. Some call-ups from NXT are expected, from Adam Cole to Io Shirai, as well as the return of Becky Lynch, The Man. Unfortunately there are no fans in attendance tonight, and WWE hasn’t announced anything about the show ahead of time. So we’re going in sight-unseen but it should a be fun show as always. Sound off in the comments with your predictions, hit that refresh button, and enjoy the show!


We see a video from earlier today of Bobby Lashley arriving at the arena with MVP. Lashley is high-fiving people and signing autographs when Matt Riddle rolls up. Riddle says he watched Lashley’s match last night and he’d like a match against him tonight. Lashley refuses, saying he’s only hear to address the WWE Universe. He went to war with Drew McIntyre last night and he’s not going to wrestle someone lesser, someone who got his ass beat by Sheamus. Riddle quotes Lashley from a few weeks ago where he said he would beat anyone who wanted it. Riddle keeps talking until Lashley drops him and says he’ll teach him a lesson in the ring.

We go live to the new ThunderDome, which looks a little different, and out comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. We hear from the new announce team of Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Adnan Virk, who reveal that we will get a rematch between Asuka and Rhea Ripley, as well as a new episode of the Firefly Fun House.

Lashley and MVP come to the ring first. As he’s coming to the ring, scooting around ringside, Lashley hops out of the ring and smashes Riddle. Lashley slams him into the barricade a few times, then lifts him and runs him into the ring post. Lashley throws Riddle into the ring and the referee starts the match.

Bobby Lashley W/MVP Vs. Riddle

Riddle is ready but Lashley mauls him. Lashley slams him into the buckles and shouts in his face. Lashley drills Riddle with shoulders in the corner, then whips him hard to the opposite buckles and follows-up with another shoulder tackle. Lashley lands a neckbreaker. Lashley lifts Riddle for a stalling vertical suplex and even poses during it. Lashley goes outside and lifts the scooter to throw it. Lashley gets back inside and Riddle fires some right hands but Bobby slams him. Riddle rolls outside and Lashley lifts him up in a military press and throws him over the barricade!

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Back live and Lashley is beating Riddle in the middle of the ring. Lashley twists Riddle’s head, who fires back with right hands but gets caught with knees to the body. Lashley slams Riddle into the buckles before hitting an STO for a two-count. Bobby punches Riddle and holds him down with a fist in his cheek. Lashley hangs Riddle on the middle rope and clubs him with crossfaces before connecting with a back elbow.

Lashley gives MVP a high five, then suplexes Riddle and again crushes his face with a fist. Riddle starts firing back but again Lashley drops him with a lariat. The All Mighty attempts a flapjack but Riddle counters and unloads some big kicks, then a ripcord knee and manages to drop the Champion. Riddle goes up top and attempts a Floating Bro but Lashley avoids it and grabs Riddle in The Hurt Lock for the submission win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We see replays of Rhea Ripley Vs. Asuka last night. The new RAW Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, is interviewed backstage. Kevin Patrikc congratulates Ripley and asks her how she feels about defending less than 24 hours later. Ripley says it’s all about confidence. Her confidence allowed her to walk out and challenge Asuka to a match at WrestleMania, and it allowed her to go out and beat Asuka. Ripley says the WWE Universe are about to see a brutal new order in the Women’s division. Tonight she will prove she’s more than ready for Asuka, again.

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Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander Vs. The Viking Raiders

The Viking’s are back and the raid resumes on Monday night RAW! We start with Cedric and Ivar and Alexander ducks under a lock-up and punches the gut. Ivar backs Cedric into the corner and clubs him, then tags Erik and they hit a double-team body slam. Benjamin tags in and Cedric tosses Ivar out while Benjamin chop blocks Erik and clocks him with a shining wizard for a two-count.

Shelton tries to keep Erik grounded and stomps him on the mat. Shelton looks for a suplex but Erik stalls, so Shelton clubs the back and hits it for a two. Alexander tags in again and drops Erik while taunting Ivar. Cedric beats Erik in the corner and continues to stare at Ivar but Erik forearms him back. Alexander whips Erik to the ropes but gets caught in a triangle choke. Cedric elbows his way out and tags Benjamin, who hits a slam for tow. Cedric tags back in but Erik flips him over and drills him with a knee.

Tags made to Ivar and Shelton and the big man unloads. Ivar whips Shelton to the ropes and hits shoulder tackles and a sidewalk slam followed by a crossbody. Shelton whips Ivar to the corner and runs at him but the Raider hits a seated senton. Shelton forces Ivar to their corner and tags Alexander. They look for a double clothesline but Ivar cartwheels through them and tags Erik. Ivar is thrown into Shelton by Erik, then the Vikings hit the Viking Experience for the win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Kevin Patrick stops Asuka backstage and asks her about the rematch tonight. Asuka says Rhea brought the fire last night. She says losing to Rhea was a nightmare but tonight she is ready and she will once again be RAW Women’s Champion. That match is up next!

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Charlotte Flair comes to the ring not wearing ring gear. Charlotte says normally she’d be smiling tonight but last night was WrestleMania and she wasn’t there. She wasn’t welcome. And she knows people are saying she’s already been on five WrestleMania’s but she’s a franchise plater. Charlotte says it wasn’t her fault that Asuka needed a tag team partner, it wasn’t her fault that her dad appeared acting like a jackass, and it wasn’t her fault that Lacey Evans got pregnant. She did all she could, even challenging Asuka to a match at WreslteMania but Asuka didn’t respond.

The opportunist, Rhea Ripley stepped in and challenged Asuka and she accepted. A new Champion was crowned, a new star was born. But don’t think for a second that Ripley was the only one cheering that she wasn’t at WrestleMania. The entire women’s locker room was loving it. Charlotte says Rhea is the biggest snake of the lot and even Asuka was able to talk her way into a rematch tonight. Well karma is a bitch and she is that bitch. Charlotte names all of the women on WrestleMania and says not one of them compares to her.

And, for the first time since she signed with WWE, she watched WrestleMania from home and realised she isn’t stealing opportunities, she creates them. She won’t apologize for being the best, for being that damn good. She refuses to be humble anymore because she changed this industry and nobody gives her any respect. She tells the fans to enjoy the title match that she should have been in and drops the microphone.

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RAW Women’s Championship

(C) Rhea Ripley Vs. Asuka

The match gets underway and they lock-up with Asuka forcing Rhea to the corner and hitting her with wild punches. Ripley gets angry and powers Asuka to the opposite corner and beats on her. Asuka attempts a drop toe-hold but Ripley stays up and stomps her. Ripley throws Asuka across the ring by the hair, then beats her with foraearms in the back. Ripley lifts her up but Asuka rolls her up for two, then switches to a cross armbar and Rhea gets her feet on the ropes.

Ripley punches Asuka a few times, then slams her into the corner. Ripley puts Asuka up top and climbs up behind her but the Empress elbows her back and she falls into the ring. Ripley then dropkicks Asuka in the back so she tumbles to the floor. Ripley smiles as she stares at Asuka on the floor.

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We return to find Ripley still in control of Asuka but the Empress elbows her a few times, then hits a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Asuka builds a head of steam but Ripley throws her off from a bulldog attempt. Asuka hits a spinning head kick and a question mark kick for a two-count. Ripley counters Asuka and locks-in the standing Sharpshooter but Asuka reaches the ropes, only for Ripley to rip her off for a facebuster.

Ripley begins to looks frsutrated and she shoves Asuka’s face. Asuka fires off a few strikes but Ripley lands some of her own, then htits a snapmare. Rhea looks for a dropkick but Asuka dodges. Ripley lifts Asuka up awkwardly and wants a Samoan drop but Asuka tried to reverse with a crucifix slam but they botched it. Asuka counters Ripley and applies an armbar. Ripley tries to roll free but gets grabbed in the Asuka Lock!

Ripley climbs to her feet with Asuka pulling at her face and runs her into the buckles. Ripley slams Asuka face-first eith an electric chair drop and covers for a near-fall. Ripley argues with the referee as Asuka rolls to the apron. Ripley goes after and attempts a suplex but Asuka shoves her back into the post, then hits a DDT on the apron. Both women spill to the floor but Charlotte Flair runs down and shoves them both into the steel steps.

No Contest

Charlotte slams Asuka into the barricade, then drops Rhea with a big boot. Flair hits an exploder suplex to Asuka on the floor, then kicks her in the face before doing the same to Ripley. Charlotte mocks Rhea and Asuka.

Miz and Morrison are walking backstage and Maryse apepars. Miz kisses her and reminds Morrison that she is theri guest on Miz TV tonight.

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We see Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax watching a video of Mandy Rose falling during her WrestleMania entrance on Saturday. They laugh and watch it over and over. Mandy walks up and asks them if they’re done. Shayna leaves and Mandy tells Nia it was pretty funny, she can laugh at herself. It’s especially funny when you don’t see it coming and she slaps Nia, then Dana attacks her from behind. They slam Nia into a post and walk off.

Alexa Bliss is in her playground. She says WrestleMania was really fun, but maybe people are wondering why she did what she did. Well, Alexa tells a story about how she was a lost little girl until the darkness found her, nurtured her, and taught her everything it knew. But then the darkness went away. That’s when the little girl realised she never needed the darkness to begin with. She could do everything on her own. The darkness was standing in her way, why else would she use what she was taught to destroy the darkness. She says it’s true what they say, the female of the species is always the deadliest. Along the way she unlocked something truly evil and she introduces her new friend, Lily, a creepy doll. Alexa says her fun is just getting started.

The Miz, John Morrison, and Maryse come to the ring. Maryse will be the guest on the next episode of Miz TV, up next!

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Welcome to the most must-see WWE talk-show in history, Miz TV. Miz says WrestleMania has come and gone and history was made. In spite of everything that happened, he was still the most talked-about entertainer in all entertainment. Miz says everyone wants to know what his gorgeous wife is doing on Miz TV and it’s clear Morrison doesn’t know either. She’s there becasue right after RAW is the season 2 premiere of their show. Morrison congratulates them and says maybe the two of them should have a spin-off. Miz reminds him that he’s in tonight’s episode. Miz and Morrison say they are the most giving Superstars of all-time because they made Bad Bunny look like a million bucks.

Damian Priest interrupts them and says Bad Bunny doesn’t owe Miz and Morrison anything. Bad Bunny shocked the world because he trained day and night to live out his dream. Priest says Miz said he didn’t belong but let’s not forget the headline was “Bad Bunny bears The Miz”. Miz pretends to laugh and says at least his name is in the headline. Miz says Priest was only on WrestleMania because of his friend and he was upstaged by a singer. Miz says he’s had lots of WrestleMaia moments, including beating John Cena in the main event. Miz challenges Priest to a match tonight and Morrison says he wantd to do that. Maryse says they can both fight him and Priest loves the idea.

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2-On-1 Handicap Match

Damian Priest Vs. THe Miz & John Morrison

Miz is arguing with the referee that he doesn’t want to have the match right now because he isn’t dressed. The bell rings regardless and Priest beats Miz down. Priest punches Miz in the corner and knocks Morrison off the apron. JoMo distracts Priest allowing Miz to kick the back of his leg. Miz tags Morrison and catapults Priest into a forearm from Morrison. John beats on Priest and applies a sleeper but Priest bends his wrist and gets up.

Morrison punches Priset into the corner and tags Miz. Priest fights back with rit hands and big boots, then splahes both in opposite corners. Damian hits Morrison with a falcon arrow before catching with right big punches and a heel kick. Priest hits a sit-out chokeslam to Miz but Morrison knees him before he can make the pin. Miz tags Morrison and he runs right into a big clothesline. Priest goes to the top rope but Morrison rolls under the bottom rope and stands with Miz by the ring post.

Priest dives ove the ropes onto both of them, then puts John back inside. Miz tries to grab Priest on the apron but he gets booted off. Morrison punches Priest and climbs the ropes with him, but Damian kicks him off and follows-up with a flying heel kick for a near-fall. Morrison escapes Priest for a minute but gets hit with The Reckoning. Miz runs in and tries to hit Skull Crushing Finale but Priest counters and wants The Reckoning but Maryse grabs Miz’s legs. Priest let’s Miz go and starts ripping his clothes off. Maryse gets on the apron and Priest tells her to get off, allowing Miz to roll him up in underwear for the win!

Winners: The Miz & John Morrison

Backstage, Kevin Patrick asks them about what happened with Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke. Nia gets mad and says the only reason they show the clip again is to embarass her. Rose and Brooke attacked her to deflect from her WrestleMania blunder. Well it’s mission accomplished because after they destory them nobody will be talking about them. This match is up next.

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Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Baszler and Jax get into the ring and Nia “slips” but doesn’t quite fall and Mandy and Dana laugh. Jax starts against Brooke and immediately forces her into the corner and shoulders her. Nia throws Brooke across the ring by the hair, then tackles her in the corner. Nia chokes Mandy in the corner with a boot, then stares at Mandy. Shayna tags in and continues the assault on Dana. Baszler applies a stretch muffler, then whips her head into the buckles before tagging Jax.

Jax hits a running leg drop to Brooke for a two-count. Jax goes to a submission but Brooke fights up and knocks Jax down. Tag to Baszler and she’s unable to prevent the tag to Rose, who comes in hot with lariats and a dropkick to Shayna. Rose forces her into the corner and misses a knee, but then Shayna misses a knee as well before Rose finally connects with one.

Mandy wants her finish but Baszler counters with the Kirifuda Clutch. Rose grabs the ropes sp Baszler throws her from the ring and tags Jax. Nia goes out and intimidates Rose on the floor, then throws her back in the ring. Jax goes to get in the ring but slips and falls. Rose laughs and Nia loses it, she slides inside but Rose rolls back out. Rose and Dana then walk up the ramp and say it’s not worth it.

Wiiners Via Count-Out: Nia Jax & Shayna bASZLER

We see highlights of Night 1 of WrestleMania’s opening match, which saw Bobby Lashley defeat Drew McIntyre to retain the WWE Championship. Lashley will make an Al Mighty Address after the break.

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MVP is in the ring by himself. MVP says Bobby Lashley will be joining him shortly. He says on Saturday Lashley retained over Drew McIntyre and all he wanted to do today was celebrate his victory. However, he felt so disrespected that he had to set things straight. MVP says McIntyre is an absolute warrior, fearsome, and one of the very best there is. However he took his eye off the prize for a split second and Lashley beat him. And it’s OK to be number 2 to Bobby Lashley. MVP asks how Drew feels today, and says he can barely move. So if Drew McIntyre can’t handle The Hurt Lock, then who can? Absolutely no-one.

Drew McIntyre interrupts MVP and stands on the stage. Drew says MVP doesn’t know how he feels and MVP says he should feel humbled. Drew says he knew WrestleMania was going to come down to The Hurt Lock, the Claymore, or who made the first mistake. Well he’s man enough to admit he made the first mistake by allowing MVP to distract him. And when Lashley applies The Hurt Lock there’s not much anyone can do, he passed out at WrestleMania. McIntyre says he hopes MVP keeps Lashley’s ego growing, keeps him in the fancy suits, because he wants his head as big as possible. He wants Lashley on the biggest pedestal possible so that when he eventually gets his rematch and hits the Claymore and Lashley falls off he’ll hit the ground hard.

MVP says nothing is given, everything is earned but out comes Braun Strowman! MVP asks Braun why he’s out here and Braun says McIntyre lost and he needs to go to the back of the line. Strowman says he annhilated Shane McMahon at WrestleMania and he goes to the front the line. Randy Orton then comes out and says he is done with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, which means no more mind-games and he can focus on being the apex predator and the WWE Champion. Adam Pearce comes out and says he sees where this is going, so tonight it will be Randy Orton Vs. Drew McIntyre Vs. Braun Strowman and the winner faces Lashley at “WrestleMania Backlash”. New PPV name?

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman are backstage and Drew tries to intimdate him. Drew tells Braun that tonight isn’t a one-on-one cage mach with a non-wrestler, it’s a Triple Threat where he could be caught with an RKO or a Claymore at any time. Braun says Drew is acting like he doesn’t know what a Triple Threat is, well he’d better not be insulting his intelligence because that didn’t work out well for the last guy. Strowman tells Drew he has a monster-sized ass kicking coming his way tonight.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker are in the ring and Elias plays some guitar. Elias says he wants everyone to give Shane some respect for his valiant effort last night. In fact, he has a song he’d like to dedicate to his mentor and friend. Elias tries to play but everytime he strums a trombone plays. New Day come out and Kofi says they need to apologize for disgracing the tag division for getting their asses whooped by Braun Strowman at WrestleMania. Woods says they would never show their faces again if they got beat like that, then he and Kofi smile into the camera.

Kofi says Elias and Ryker should be ashamed because all they did at WrestleMania was get Braun’s hands. Elias says isn’t that exactly what happened New Day when Omos threw them around and took their titles. Woods says they have a failure to communicate and Kofi continues to say they’re disgraces to the division. It doesn’t matter, because they’re about to whip them and restore some honour, because New Day Rock.  

The New Day Vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

The match gets underway with Woods and Ryker but Xavier quickly tosses Ryker outside. Elias rushes in but so does Kofi and they throw him outside as well beside Ryker. New Day hit the ropes and dive over the ropes onto Ryker and Elias, then get back in the ring and dance as we head to the break. 

*Commercial Break* 

Back live and Woods whips Elias to the ropes but he stops himself and Ryker tags himself in. Elias boots Woods, then Ryker tackles him and unloads with right hands. Ryker backs Woods to the corner and stomps him down and tags Elias for a double-team splash and Death Valley driver and a two-count. Elias applies a headlock and we get a picture-in-picture advert for the new movie Nobody, which they’ve been shilling hard all night.

Woods fights up but Elias cuts him off and tags Ryker for a suplex and a near-fall. Woods is whipped to the corner but he elbows Elias off the apron, then kicks Ryker back and jumps at him but gets clubbed out of mid-air. Elias tags in and throws Xavier into a spinebuster from Ryker, then follows-up with a running knee to the back. Ryker tags in and Elias suplexes him onto Ryker’s knee for a near-fall.

Ryker applies a rear chinlock but Woods quickly fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Woods hits an enziguiri and tags Kofi while Elias tags in. Kofi hits a springboard chop, then multiple chops and a leaping stomp for a two-count. Kingston hits a Boom Drop, then looks for Trouble In Paradise but Ryker jumps on the apron and Kofi hits him. Woods takes-out Ryker with a dropkick through the ropes, then Kofi gets hit by Elias. Kofi tags Woods and they hit a backbreaker/double stomp for the win.

Winners: The New Day

Randy Orton is backstage and he says he has been distracted for the past six months. That all ended at WrestleMania and now he can focus on the WWE Championship again. However he needs to go through Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman to do that but it is what it is and he’s going back to the top of the mountain. 

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We’re back in the Firefly Fun House for the first time in three months and all the puppets are there. Bray Wyatt comes through the door all smiles and laughs, and says it feels great to be back. Especially when his other friends betrayed him. Abby calls Alexa a few names with the sound bleeped out. Wyatt says that, no matter what has happened lately, they’ll always have each other. He feels great and this is going to be a new start. He feels reborn and he pretends to be a healer to all the puppets. Wyatt promises that “he” shall return and not be chasing clout this time.

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance, followed by Braun Strowman. The main event is up next.

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Number One Contender Match

Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Braun Strowman

The Triple Threat gets underway and McIntyre goes right for Braun and pummels him. Randy moves and Drew turns towards him so Orton slides out of the ring and watches. Braun turns the tables on McIntyre and beats him in the corner. Orton comes in and grabs Braun from behind, then he and Drew team-up for a double suplex. Orton punches Drew and Braun shoulder tackles them both. Orton rolls outside and Braun tosses Drew out, then Strowman runs around the ring – sans noise effects – and looks to tackle them but Drew hits him with the steel steps! Randy grabs Drew from behind and dumps him on the announce desk. 

*Commercial Break* 

We’re back live and all three men are just brawling in the ring. Drew headbutts Braun and he flies from the ring, then Orton attacks Drew. Orton stomps McIntyre’s limbs and rakes his face but the Scotsman fires back with right hands. Orton gets whipped to the ropes and kicks Drew but gets clotheslined. McIntyre catches Randy with two belly-to-belly suplexes but Braun returns and drops him with a shoulder. 

Randy gets splashes by Braun and he rolls out, but Drew dodges the splash and catches Strowman with a neckbreaker. Drew goes to the apron where Orton trips him. Orton chops the chest of McIntyre, then slams him into the barricade and the ring post. Orton beats Drew’s head off the announce desk over and over, then tosses him over it. Orton smiles but gets bolled over by Strowman with a running shoulder barge.

Strowman tosses Orton inside and takes a break to smash Drew with the steel steps. Strowman drags Orton under the bottom ropes and clubs his chest. Braun grabs the steel steps again as Orton comes out of the ring and he hits them both with the steps. Braun slowly gets on the apron but Orton hits him with the draping DDT! Orton drops to his knees and pumps-up and catches Strowman with the RKO but Drew breaks it up with a kick. McIntyre then just pins Orton for the win. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre

It’s official that Drew McIntyre will face Bobby Lashley at Backlash next month. The Hurt Business’ music hits but MVP comes out alone. Drew stares at MVP when all of a sudden, T-Bar and Mace grab Drew from behind and chokeslam him. T-Bar and Mace leave the ring and stare at Drew from the ramp. A new Hurt Business? 

That’s it for this year’s tame RAW After ‘Mania. Let us know what you thought of the show and remember tomorrow night is the first episode of NXT on Tuesdays. We’ve got you covered right here so until then, stay safe! 

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