William Regal is a man who means what he says. He also calls it like it is and the NXT GM wanted to make things very clear on where he stands on any “isms” and “phobias.”

Regal logged onto Twitter and said that he has no political or religious leanings. This was followed by a message to anyone who wants to tell him how to do his job. Only those in charge in NXT can tell Regal what to do.

I treat everyone as equals. I have no “isms” or “ phobics” of any kind, nor any political or religious leanings. NO ONE has any say on how I do my job except my employers. If I know people who have any of the above, that is on them not me.

William Regal did not specify exactly what caused him to send out this tweet, but he didn’t really need a reason to make it clear that prejudice will not be tolerated in his eyes.

Felix Upton

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