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Tonight’s SmackDown will feature the monumental and long-awaited return to the ring of Edge. It’s been almost a decade since Edge wrestled a match on SmackDown and tonight he goes one-on-one with Jey Uso to determine who wil be the special guest enforced for the Fastlane match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this!

Interestingly, WWE has announced Sasha Banks will defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nia Jax tonight. On Sunday Jax and Shayna Baszler will defend the Women’s Tag Team Titles against Banks and Bianca Belair, so somehow we thik there’s bound to be some kind of shenanigans tonight.


Elsewhere tonight, Seth Rollins will make some form of announcement, and Michael Cole will interview Apollo Crews and Big E. That’s all we know about tonight’s SmackDown ahead of time, but we can expect lots more. So stay tuned to this page, hit that update button, and enjoy the show!


SmackDown opens with Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair arguing backstage. Bianca asks why Banks why she agreed to this match, saying Nia Jax could beat her and take her title, so what was she thinking? Banks starts to explain herself and mentions Reginald and Bianca runs with that. She says he’s in her head and she isn’t focused but she won’t come out and help her. Banks says she didn’t ask for any help.

SmackDown Women’s Championship

(C) Sasha Banks Vs. Nia Jax W/Shayna Baszler

The title match gets underway and Nia shoves Banks back and she goes to the apron. Sasha shoulders Nia in the gut and gets back inside to kick her down in the corner. Banks wants a Bank Statement but Nia shrugs her off and hits a back elbow. Jax lifts Sasha for a military press, then lifts her for an elbow and a two-count. Nia shoves Banks to the ropes, then hits her with a body attack. Nia lifts Sasha and hits a Samoan drop for a two-count and Jax is getting angry. Bianca Belair’s music hits and she comes down as Banks rolls out. 

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Back live and Nia catches Banks and lands a spinning sidewalk slam for a two-count. Nia gets Sasha in a stretch muffler and swings her face into the turnbuckles for a near-fall. Nia applies an arm-trap sleeper but Banks quickly fights free. Nia gets the stretch muffler again but Banks climbs down. Nia attempts a sit-out but Banks rolls away, then hits a reverse Meteora for a two-count. 

Nia throws Sasha out of the ring but Banks kicks her in the face. Banks slides back in and tries for a choke but Nia swivels into a hold. Banks counters with a tilt-a-whirl and gets Nia down in the Bank Statement. Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler are fighting on the floor and they roll in, which distracts the referee. The ref checks on Bianca, so Baszler tries to kick Banks but she moves and Shayna hits Nia! Belair tosses Baszler out, then Banks rolls-up Nia for the win! 

Winner: Sasha Banks

We see a lengthy replay of the entire situation between Edge, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns. Tonight Edge will face Jey to determine the special enforcer for Bryan Vs. Reigns at Fastlane.  

Edge is interviewed backstage and says it’s crazy to be wrestling on SmackDown, the place that feels like home. He said the best night of his life happened on SmackDown – beating The Undertaker to win the World Heavyweight Championship – but the worst night of his career also happened here – relinquishing that Championship to retire. So it’s quite surreal but it feels right. As for tonight, Edge says he thinks Daniel Bryan deserves a fair shot at Fastlane, even though he hit him last week. And Edge thinks Jey is one of the very best in the business but as long as he continues to be Roman’s lackey he’ll find himself in trouble, and tonight he is that trouble. 

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Nia Jax and Shayna are backstage arguing. Nia says she should be double Champion and if Shayna tries to pull some crap on Sunday she will come for her. Baszler says she’ll get a match against Bianca, kick her head off, and give her the nastiEST beating of her life.

Seth Rollins is in the ring and says he recently made his triumphant return to SmackDown and, when he did, the entire roster came out to greet him like a King. He says he knows they don’t like him but they respect him. The respected everything he has accomplished. So when they all walked out he respected their decision to be idiots. However, one man took that disrespect too far: Cesaro. At first he didn’t get it but then he realised…Cesaro is jealous. He’s done everything and Cesaro is an abject failure. Unlike Cesaro, he’s a fighter, he gets back up. The same can’t be said of Cesaro and Seth shows a video of him hitting Cesaro with two Stomps last week.

Rollins laughs and makes fun of Cesaro. Seth gets serious and says Cesaro swung him 22 times, he counted, and he will never embarasses him like that again because he is Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins, and Cesaro is the biggest waste of potential in history. Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits and he dances his way to the ring while Seth tells him to stay away, that he’s far more of a man than Cesaro. Nakamura gets into the ring and snatches the microphone away. Nakamura tells Seth to shut up, so Rollins swings but misses. Nakamura knocks him down and wants Kinshasa but Seth rolls from the ring. Nakamura tells Seth to “come on” and Seth takes the bait. Nakamura hits a Rock Bottom of sorts, then a knee and dances away.

Molly Holly was announced as the first Hall of Fame 2021 inductee, and the second inductee is Eric Bischoff.

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The Street Profits Vs. Dominik & Rey Mysterio

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode, are on commentary for this one. The match gets underway with Ford and Dominik and Montez slams Dom down with a wrestling hold. Dominik tries to escape but gets caught with an arm-drag. They go back and forth then both flip-up and Dom looks for a handshake but Montez kicks him. Rey blind-tags in and catches a running Ford with a dropkick.

Dawkins tags in and they double team Rey with Dawkins tossing Ford onto Mysterio. Dawkins splashes Rey in the corner and tags Ford. Mysterio counters both but Dawkins catches him with a clothesline as Dominik tags in. Dom catches Dawkins with a tilt-a-whirl and sends him out but Ford then hits a massive clothesline and a Book-End for a near-fall. The Profits look for a Doomsday Device but Rey slides between Angelo’s legs and kicks Ford off the turnbuckles, then Dom rolls-up Dawkins for the win!

Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio

Chad Gable and Otis stomp their way to the ring. Gable says he hopes Rey and Dominik don’t think that meaningless win puts them higher on the totem pole than them. Gable reminds them that they’ve already beaten them and Otis squashed Rey. Gable and Otis turn to trash the Profits but Rey and Dominik dropkick them out of the ring, then Dominik hits an impressive springboard crossbody onto both and the Mysterio’s high-tail it. 

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Rey & Dominik Mysterio Vs. Chad Gable & Otis

We return to find this match underway and Rey is battling Gable on the top rope. Chad wants a superplex but Rey knocks him off and jumps for a hurricanrana that knocks Gable onto the middle rope, then a 619. Dominik hits Otis, then Rey goes to the top rope but Otis shoves him off and tags in. Otis beats Rey and hits a powerful body slam, then another. The Profits are on commentary as well and they’re arguing with Roode and Ziggler. Otis drops Rey with a big axe handle to the chest, then lifts him up for a bear hug. Mysterio breaks free by biting Otis’ face, but then gets slammed down.  

Otis looks for a diving headbutt but Rey rolls away, then dropkicks him. Dominik and Gable get the tags and Dom hits a flurry of offence including a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Dominik hits an impressive roll-up for two, then gets thrown onto the ropes but bounces back off with a tornado DDT to Gable. Otis comes back and breaks the pin and Rey hits him but Otis takes Rey out and tosses him into the barricade. Dominik attempts a 619 but Gable catches his legs and hits a rolling German suplex. Otis tags in for a big splash from the top rope for the win! 

Winners: Chad Gable & Otis

After the match Roode and Ziggler stand on the announce desk and say they’ll take any challengers at any time. 

Sami Zayn is backstage and talking into his cameras but Kevin Owens appears behind him. Sami asks KO if he’s given any thought to being a part of the documentary and Owens says he still isn’t sure. Zayn tries again to convince him how big this documentary is going to be. Owens asks Sami if he’s ever considered the idea that he’s twisting reality to fit his narrative. Owens says he’s known Sami a long time and he’s always been this way. Zayn yells that it’s never been his fault and they are holding him down. Owens asks Sami who “they are” and he is incredulous. Sami tells Owens to come out and watch his match tonight and if he sees nothing suspicious at all, he’ll drop the whole thing. 

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Daniel Bryan is in the ring wearing a shirt and jeans. Bryan talks about how exciting tonight’s main event is. He says if Jey Uso wins we know exactly what will happen; he’ll do everything he can to ensure Roman wins. And if Roman is the Champion he professes to be, he shouldn’t need help. On the other hand, Edge is the ultimate opportunist and he’ll do whatever he can to face Roman one-on-one at WrestleMania. He gets it, Edge thinks he can beat Roman but he knows he can’t beat him. Well Bryan doesn’t think he can beat Roman, he knows he can and he’ll make Roman tap out on Sunday. 

The Tribal Chief, the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns comes to the stage alongside Paul Heyman. Roman laughs at the idea of Bryan making him tap out. He says he can’t deal with Bryan telling all these lies. Roman says Bryan doesn’t have a chance. In fact, he has a better chance of shooting lightning out of his ass than making him tap. Nobody has ever tapped him out and he’d rather lose an arm than tap. He’d rather die than tap out to somebody like Bryan. Daniel says that’s pretty strong but make no mistake, Roman is the one who does the lying. He’s delusional. Everybody thinks their invincible and unbeatable until they’re not. So Bryan isn’t going to just make him tap, he’s going to break him. Break his beliefs and his delusions. And he hopes Roman doesn’t die but if he taps out, or if he doesn’t, he will be beating him. 

We get a bizarre video to hype Sami Zayn Vs. Baron Corbin tonight, which made fun of both guys and said it was a match “nobody asked for.” That match is next. 

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Sami Zayn Vs. Baron Corbin

Kevin Owens is at ringside, as per Sami’s request. The match begins and Zayn gets on the offensive right away, teeing-off with right hands and knocking Corbin into the ropes. Corbin fights back and catches Zayn with a clothesline before unloading some ground-and-pound. Corbin hits a splash in the corner, then Zayn hides behind the referee to poke the eyes. Zayn rolls-up Corbin and gets his feet on the middle rope but the referee sees it. Zayn then attempts to take the turnbuckle pad off but the referee stops him, then Corbin hits the End of Days for the win. 

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match Sami rolls from the ring and asks Owens if he saw the conspiracy. Owens tells him he was the one cheating and he’s crazy. Sami screams at Owens and walks off. Owens tells him to get help, then turns back to the announcers but Zayn almost takes his head off with a Helluva Kick! Zayn screams at Owens, then talks to his camera’s. 

After the break we’re getting a sit-down interview with Apollo Crews and Big E. 

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Big E and Apollo have a sit-down interview in separate locations. Big E says the chance for reconciliation is long gone. He says all he cares about is vengeance and Apollo only has two days. Big E tells him to appreciate the crispness of the March air, the function of his limbs, and enjoy the moment because his future is bleak. Big E says he will retain the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday, no question, and Apollo will get everything he deserves. 

Crews says Big E shouldn’t talk to Nigerian royalty with such disrespect. He’s on dangerous ground. Apollo says this reminds him of a Nigerian proverb his grandfather told him: you fill your mouth with a razor and youwill spit blood. Well that’s exactly what’s going to happen to Big E at Fastlane. He’s going to crack Big E’s face and he will see the Nigerian warrior inside him. His family and ancestors will watch him stand over Big E’s mangled body as the new Intercontinental Champion. 

Big E rips his microphone off and says there’s no waiting until Sunday. Big E walks around backstage and gets onto a golf cart – the official sponsor of pandemic wrestling – and drives around looking for Apollo. The camera cuts to Apollo walking around and he’s shouting for Big E. Apollo comes around a corner and the golf cart is there, which Big E drives at him but misses. They start brawling in the concorde and Big E throws him into the wall. Big E slams Apollo into a gate pillar, then hits him with a trash can. Apollo is sent into the gate repeatedly until referees come and stop him. Apollo then hops on the golf cart and drives off. 

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Bianca Belair W/Sasha Banks Vs. Shayna Baszler W/Nia Jax

The match begins and Bianca drops Baszler right away. Baszler counters and punches Bianca, then tosses her out of the ring and she lands at Nia’s feet. Jax doesn’t do anything and walks away and Shayna is confused. Jax walks up the ramp and Belair hits a spinebuster for a near-fall. Natalya and Tamina run in and attack them. 

No Contest

Natalya and Tamina toss Baszler over the announce desk, then get back inside and beat on Bianca. 

We see a video of Edge’s last appearance on SmackDown when he retired. The Rated-R Superstar makes his way to the ring for the main event.

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Edge Vs. Jey Uso

The match gets underway and they lock-up but quickly break apart and walk around the ring. They lock-up again and Edge takes a stiff headlock. Jey shoots Edge off but gets dropped with a shoulder. Jey turns over for Edge to jump over but Edge drops down and looks for a crossface. Jey wriggles free but Edge continues the assault with a knee to the gut and a knee to the back. Edge wraps Jey’s arm around the bottom rope and bends it. Jey rolls out and Edge goes after him but Jey elbows him in the gut. Uso slams Edge into the steel steps, then gets back inside to hit a suicide dive and Edge is slammed into the announce desk. 

*Commercial Break* 

Back live and Jey lands an uppercut, then a suplex that dumps Edge on the top rope. Edge hangs on the apron but Jey forearms him off and into the barricade. Jey goes out and puts Edge back in the ring. Uso slides Edge rib-first into the ring post, then goes out and grabs an arm and a leg and bends Edge around the post. Jey gets back inside but Edge punches him, then again and catches a kick but Jey hits an enziguiri to the ribs. Edge avoids Jey and hits a flying crossbody and Edge is down holding his ribs. Edge attacks Jey’s shoulder and throws him into the turnbuckles. Edge goes to the middle rope and hits a flying knee to the shoulder for a two-count.

Edge hist the ropes but Jey catches him with a Samoan drop for a two-count. Uso goes to the top rope but Edge punches him and climbs up alongside to hit a hurricanrana! Edge crawls to make the cover and scores a near-fall. Jey looks for a superkick but Edge grabs the kick and lands an Edgecution. Edge wants a Spear but Jey superkicks him. Jey goes to the top rope and hits an Uso Splash but he reels from the shoulder pain, then rolls Edge over and covers for two! Jey lifts Edge but gets wrenched down by the shoulder. Jey climbs to his feet and Edge hits a quick Spear for the win! 

Winner: Edge

After the match Edge holds his ribs and gets to his feet but Roman appears from behind and Spears him! Roman talks trash and goads Bryan but Jey attacks Bryan from behind. Jey sends Bryan into the ring and Roman Spears him as well! Roman poses with the title to close the show. 

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here on Sunday for Fastlane coverage. Until then, stay safe! 

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